Two Chinese warships sighted at disputed Senkaku Islands

Chinese frigate Xuzhou (file photo)

According to China’s major Internet portal, China’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed that Chinese warships patrolled the sea area around the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands).

At a press conference, a reporter asked Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun: There was Japanese media report that two frigates of Chinese navy were cruising in the sea areas near the Diaoyu Islands. Please confirm.

Yang said: The Diaoyu and its affiliated islands have been an integrated part of Chinese territories since ancient time.

It is entirely proper and lawful for Chinese navy vessels to conduct routine patrol and training for preparedness against war in the sea areas under Chinese jurisdiction.

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says that on September 19, a Japanese television station took video record of two Chinese frigates patrolling in the sea area of the Diaoyu Islands.

That was the first known occasion of Chinese worships appearing near the Diaoyu Island after Japan’s nationalisation of the Diaoyu Islands.

It is said that the warships were the Changzhou and the Xuzhou of the East China Sea Fleet.

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