Speculation on Party Secretariat member Wang Huning’s promotion

Wang Huning

SCMP says in its report today titled Top adviser Wang Huning tipped to become vice-premier, enter Politburo: “Sources say Wang Huning is expected to become vice-premier and gain entrance into Politburo”.

In my book Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievement, I said, quoting China’s mouthpiece Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong, that Wang, a top theorist, played a major role in developing the ideas of the Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development.

According to Ta Kung Pao, in 1995, Wu Bangguo, the no. 2 leader now and Zeng Qinghong, a powerful elder close to Jiang Zemin now, vigorously recommended Wang Huning to Jiang Zemin.

Sources said that when Wu Bangguo had been transferred to Beijing, he time and again urged Jiang Zemin to transfer Wang from Shanghai to Beijing.

When Wang was later actually transferred into Zhongnanhai, where the Party’s central office was located, Jiang Zemin said to him joking when he met Wang, “If you still had not been transferred to Beijing, those people would have fallen out with me.”

Sources said that Wang was very close to Jiang and was often found in Jiang’s home when Jiang lived at Zhongnanhai.

When Jiang retired, Jiang recommended Wang to Hu Jintao, who also admires Wang’s talents, keeps Wang by his side and always brings Wang along with him when Hu makes foreign visits. Hu promoted Wang into the Party’s secretariat in 2007.

Having served as top advisor for two general secretaries for more than a dozen years with talents cherished not only by the two but also by Wu Bangguo, Zeng Qinghong and others, I believe that Jiang and Hu will recommend Wang to Xi Jinping and Wang will remain a top advisor.

Certainly he will be further promoted at least into the Politburo.

As for SCMP’s speculation that Wang will be appointed a vice premier to be in charge of foreign affairs, I do not believe so as Wang seems to be much more useful.

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