China: Liaoning aircraft carrier makes high-speed turn; J-15 taking off and landing

Singtao Daily reports: There are quite a few new photographs of the Chinese carrier the Liaoning, including those of a J-15 flying low on it and the Liaoning making a turn at high speed.

The photographs are respectively carried on Chinese military websites and under the official People’s Daily.

In one photograph, we see a carrier-based helicopter landing on the deck of the Liaoning watched by some deck staff in vests and helmets of red, blue and yellow. It shows that like their counterparts on US carriers, the deck personnel on the Liaoning use different colours in their uniforms and helmets to show their division of labour.

In a third photograph, there is not only a helicopter but also a fighter plane flying low. It is said that the fighter is China’s homegrown J-15 fighter, an imitation of the Russian Su-33 developed by China on its own. On that day, the aircraft completed landing and taking off on the ship, in addition to flying low.

In another photograph the Liaoning is seen sailing with a curved track showing that it is turning at high speed. Analysts say that the photograph indicates the strong performance of the ship’s homegrown engines. Previously some Western military commentators said that the Chinese carrier was unable to sail at high speed or with great power. The photographs show how wrong they are.

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  1. on the plane russian flag! :))))


  2. The picture shown is two SU-33s on the Russian Carrier Kuznetzov. If you ant to see Chinese J-15s on the Chinese carrier, Liaoning, may I suggest the following two Flickr Albums:

    J-15 Flying Shark on Flickr


    Chinese Aircraft Carrier, Liaoning,CV-16




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