Chinese censors block New York Times

Wen Jiabao

According to New York Times, Wen Jiabao’s family controlled assets worth US$2.7 billion dollars. It must be well founded. Otherwise, the people who think that their worth is exaggerated will come out to reveal the true value of their assets.

Since it is true, the Chinese authorities simply resort to wide-ranging censorship to cover it up.

SCMP carries a report by Agence France-Presse from Beijing saying, “Chinese censors blocked online searches related to the New York Times as well as the newspaper’s websites on Friday after it published an investigation on the wealth of the Chinese premier’s family.”

“Searches for ‘New York Times’ in Chinese and ‘NYT’ were blocked on the popular social networking website Sina Weibo, which is similar to Twitter, with searches returning a message that the result could not be displayed “due to relevant laws”.

“The New York Times’ official accounts on Sina Weibo and a popular rival, Tencent Weibo, had both been deleted on Friday, with attempts to access the accounts returning the message ‘this user does not exist’.

“Searches for premier ‘Wen Jiabao’ were also blocked on both social networking sites, but the names of top Chinese leaders are generally blocked on such sites.

“Both Weibo sites also blocked searches using the name of Wen’s wife, Zhang Beili, and his son Wen Yunsong.”

“The New York Times reported that Wen’s family had controlled assets worth US$2.7 billion dollars according to company and regulatory filings seen by the newspaper from 1992-this year.”

Read the full SCMP report

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