Cheng Hong: Scholar and wife of China’s next premier

Cheng Hong, wife of China’s vice premier Li Keqiang, at work during the Cultural Revolution.

SCMP report on premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang’s wife Cheng Hong: Cheng is a leading expert on American nature writing, but she no longer teaches students.

SCMP says, “Like many who lived through the Cultural Revolution, Cheng Hong felt she’d had enough excitement to last a lifetime. It was in 1995, while she was a visiting scholar in the United States at Brown University, Rhode Island, that these thoughts crystallised.

“Cheng, wife of premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang, revealed how she developed her interest in writings on nature and ecology during her stay in New England in her book Tranquillity Is Beyond Price, published a decade later.”

“‘Cheng comes back to our university on an extremely rare basis, and most our staff members are not in contact with her,’ said a professor from the same English department. ‘She was still teaching English and American literature for postgraduate students when her husband was the top leader of Liaoning province. But ever since Li Keqiang assumed his role inside the central Politburo, she has given up any course workloads.’”

“It has become almost routine for relatives of top leaders to become very wealthy during their family members’ leadership. But people interviewed by the Post say Cheng is a serious scholar with no business interests.

“One professor said Cheng was once put forward by university officials to become dean of the department, but she refused. ‘Cheng is a dedicated scholar who prefers to concentrate on her work. She treats others with sincerity and courtesy,’ said the professor, who also teaches English literature in the department.”

“One graduate of the English department described Cheng as a strong competent teacher of English literature and a researcher who has made an impact in her chosen field.

“She is also considered one of the leading Chinese scholars of American nature writing, having published two books on the subject and translated several books from English to Chinese.

“‘Her studies definitely played a role in popularising nature literature in China,’ said one literary critic based in Guangzhou. ‘None of the wives of high-level officials have such English ability and writing skills. Cheng’s books are beautifully written’.”

Source: SCMP “Cheng Hong, wife of Li Keqiang, a low-profile scholar”

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