Chinese women’s rights activist sent to labour camp again

Mao Hengfeng

Reuters reports from Beijing: “A Chinese woman who has campaigned against the strict one-child policy has been sent to labor camp for one and a half years, the third time she has been detained for criticizing the government, her husband said on Tuesday.

Mao Hengfeng, who lives in Shanghai, was seized in Beijing by a team of security officials on September 20 when she was petitioning the authorities for the rights abuses she suffered during her previous labor camp sentences, her husband, Wu Xuewei, told Reuters.”

“Wu said he received a letter from the authorities late on Monday informing him that Mao had been sentenced to a labor camp for ‘disturbing social order’, which he said was unfounded.”

“Mao, who has three daughters, has been petitioning the government since she was dismissed in 1988 from her job at a soap factory after becoming pregnant a second time, in contravention of the one-child policy.”

“Mao, 50, was sentenced in February 2011 to a labor camp for conducting “illegal activities’. In 2010, she was sentenced to one and a half years of ‘re-education through labor’ on charges of ‘disturbing the public order’ for a protest at the trial of jailed 2010 Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

“Then, she was released six months early from a labor camp in Anhui province because of poor health, Wu said, adding that he is worried about Mao because of her high blood pressure.”

Source: Reuters “Chinese women’s rights activist sent to labor camp again”

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