How China looks in Poland; Tibetan Culture Week

From now on I will have the privilege to inform every one of you how changes that are going on now in China look in Poland.

How our nation observes and comments on everything that connects with China. I hope that this will be a very interesting experience.

For today, the main informations that we can read in the Polish news is that Neil Heywood was a MI6 informant and the Chinese “election” is on Thursday.

The main media notes that the next 10 years will be very difficult to manage China – as a company.

The government is treated as a large corporation board.

An interesting report about Poland’s China Tibetan Culture Week:

Cooperation a keyword for China Tibetan Culture Week in Poland

Cooperation is the keyword in seminars and discussions between Polish experts and visiting Chinese Tibetologists who are here in Warsaw for the 2012 Poland China Tibetan Culture Week.

“There has been cooperation between China and Poland on the governmental level, but that is not enough,” said Lhakpa Tseten, a lead Tibetologist specialising in Tibetan cultural protection and preservation.

“We need cooperation and exchanges on the people-to-people level too … in order to better promote mutual understandings,” said Lhakpa. “And that is why we have the China Tibetan Culture Week here… We want to show the Polish people a true Tibet.”

The culture week, the first of its kind held in Poland, was officially opened on Monday in Warsaw, and features an exhibition of more than 200 photos taken by Chinese and foreign photographers and 46 Tibetan Thangka paintings, a Tibetan folk songs and dances performance, in addition to a series of seminars and discussions between Tibetologists and the locals.

On Tuesday, the Tibetologists met with experts from the Medical Institute of Labor in Warsaw, and discussed ways to further cooperation in the studies and application of Tibetan medicines. They also sat down with experts from the local college Wyzsza Szkola Swiatowa on Wednesday as Lhakpa gave a brief introduction on the protection and development of Tibet’s traditional culture.

“Everywhere we went, cooperation and exchanges are the two key words we heard the most,” Lhakpa said.

Deputy director with the Information Office of China’s State Council Cui Yuying, who led the Tibetologist delegation, told Xinhua that China and Poland have been stepping up cooperation and exchanges in various fields in recent years.

The Poland China Tibetan Culture Week would draw China and Poland closer to each other, and would serve as a platform through which the Polish people can take a closer look at Tibet and get to know the region and its traditional culture better, she said.

Source: NZweek “Cooperation a keyword for China Tibetan Culture Week in Poland”

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