China: Fast-growth, antibiotic-fed chicken for KFC, McDonalds

Shanxi Suhai Group has recently attracted farmers to breed chicken for it, claiming in its advertisement that it provides them with technology for quick growth of chickens able to be used by restaurants in 45 days. They say that they will purchase as many chickens as the farmers are able to breed, as they have KFC, McDonald’s and large supermarket chains as their customers.

However, farmers have to use the chicken feed prepared by the group.

It turns out that the group uses lots of industrial salt, choline chloride and antibiotics in preparing the feed. Its feed plant is so stinking that its smell causes nausea to people far away from the plant.

Workers in the plant said that some additives are mixed in the feed. They do not know what they are but are sure they are harmful to human health as all the flies die when they come near the plant. They say that young people dare not work in the plant.

However, the group argues that the industrial salt is used to soften the water, while choline chloride is a nutritious food additive allowed by the state.

As for antibiotics, chicken farmers say that they are required to breed 5,000 chickens in one shed. Chickens easily become sick in a shed with such density. Therefore, the chickens are constantly fed with antibiotics.

However, the group argues that feeding chickens with antibiotics is just like giving patents antibiotics as medicine to cure their diseases. It stresses that the effect to human health is “negligible.”

We all know patients are given antibiotics only when necessary and it’s harmful for healthy people to take antibiotics. Abusive use of antibiotics is very harmful, but the group simply does not care as long as it can make profit.

I wonder what we eat when we travel to China.

Restaurants with foreign investment must be safe, but the group claims that it provides chickens to KFC and McDonalds. Luckily, KFC says chickens from the group account for only 1% of the chickens it uses. You can feel a little safe when you eat there. You have only 1% chance to get toxic chicken, but the chicken there contains too much fat for me.

So far, McDonalds remain silent about the sources of its chicken. We do not know whether the group is it’s major chicken supplier. Better get food containing no chicken there.

Poor travelers to China, how can they get safe food there?

Source: Hong Kong’s Ming Pao

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  2. McDonald’s has come out to say that this is not their supplier


  3. Grown just like pretty much all the chicken in the USA. Bleh!



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