China: J-15 fighters successful take-off and landing on aircraft carrier

China’s official Xinhua News Agency published yesterday a report on the successful taking-off and landing of China’s homegrown J-15 carrier-based fighters on the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.

Xinhua said that the success fully proves the satisfactory technical capability of both the carrier and the fighter, and compatibility between them.

According to the report, before taking-off and landing on the carrier, all the pilots were trained by China, and received intensive simulated training on land, satisfying the training standards and requirements. They all succeeded in taking off from and landing on the career the first time they tried.

The report also says that J-15 aircraft is the first multirole fighter designed and developed by China on its own. China [claims it] owns all the intellectual property related to it. [Western media says it is a copy of a Russian jet fighter.]

With its fine performance, the aircraft is able to carry out combat tasks for control of air and sea. It is armed with quite a few types of accurately guided weapons and has a long range and night combat capability.

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