“Flying Shark” J-15 flies for China

China has shown the world the navy fighter J-15, called the “Flying Shark.”

The plane, a copy of the Russian Su-33, will soon be the strength of the Chinese military.

On Sunday morning, it landed for the first time on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier “Liaoning”.

The Chinese military say it is as good as the American F-18 fighter jets.

The J-15 swooped down on Sunday morning from the west, and successfully landed on the first aircraft carrier on the Chinese Navy.

It’s arrival was preceded by the last crew training demonstration on the “Liaoning.”

After several minutes, the plane was allowed to start, and took off for the return over the East China Sea.

J-15 photos were first leaked on the internet in April 2011, presumably with the approval of Beijing.

The Chinese, at the beginning of the new century, were not even planning to create such a machine, because they wanted to buy Russia’s new Su-33, which was then just leaving the hangar.

But the Russians did not want to sell it to their biggest rival, and Beijing had to resort to a few tricks to produce a Chinese version of the Su-33.

First, an Su-33 prototype was purchased “secretly” from the Ukraine, and was almost certainly dismantled to the last screw.

Then China claimed to have “legitimately” obtained the design of the Su-27 from Russia. The Su-27 was the predecessor to the Su-33.

Now the “Flying Shark” is compared by the Asian giant to the US F-18 fighter jet.

It is equipped with the latest achievements of Chinese technology, and is “unparalleled” (as described by one of the high-ranking Chinese military) on the battlefield.

The aircraft carrier on the high seas off the coast of East Asia can accommodate 30 aircraft and helicopters.

Although in terms of technology it is advanced by Asian standards, it is still way behind the American technology.

Source: tvn 24 “‘Latający Rekin’ już lata dla Chińczyków”

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