Both China and Russia plan to build nuclear aircraft carriers

Liaoning Aircraft CarrierPhoenix Satellite TV reports in it’s Observation Post of Military Situation program: Former Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy Vladimir Sergeyevich Vysotskiy recently pointed out that China had to overcome tremendously great difficulties, as it failed to conclude a contract with Russia on the supply of arresting cables for its aircraft carrier because of the various conditions Russia wanted to be included in the contract.

Therefore, he assumes that the final design of the arresting cables was done by China on its own.

Vysotskiy stresses that obviously the next job for China’s aircraft carrier will be the landing of an L-9 training aircraft on its carrier in order to ensure faster and simpler training of the pilots for China’s future aircraft carriers.

Russian strategic analysis and technology centre expert Vasily Kashin says that at present, China plans to build a new-type aircraft carrier driven by nuclear power and equipped with a catapult-assisted take-off system. So does Russia.

Russian experts have compared the two countries’ plans and prospects for the construction of such new aircraft carrier.

Kashin believes that Russia has been carrying out research and development of its future heavy nuclear aircraft carrier for 2 years. The job of designing it will be completed before 2018.

Russia’s new aircraft carrier will differ from its existing carrier the Kuznetsov. It will be bigger and able to carry 80 aircraft instead of Kuznetsov’s 50. Moreover, it will be driven by nuclear power and equipped with a catapult-assisted take-off system.

Kashin stresses that the Russian military wants to use an electromagnetic catapult instead of a steam catapult on Russia’s new aircraft carrier.

Russian experts said that China also had a plan to build nuclear aircraft carriers equipped with an electromagnetic catapult. China plans to establish 5 aircraft carrier combat groups.

Once sufficient experience has been gained through its existing carrier the Liaoning, China will begin to build its own nuclear aircraft carriers, but unlike Russia who will not build one until next decade, China will start construction sooner.

Source: Phoenix Satellite TV Hong Kong

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