US National Intelligence Council says China’s global power more than EU and USA combined by 2030

Alternative WorldsToday the Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report was released by the U.S. National Intelligence Council. It is grabbing headlines around the world after saying that by 2030 China will have more global clout than the United States of America and European Union combined.

This change will mean a fundamental shift in how the world works, and will bring about radical changes in how Western states conclude their international activities, and will likely force down relative living standards in established economies.

Chinese growth will continue to outpace that of the West, bringing increased prosperity and international clout to China at the expense of the West. Higher birth rates, increased spending in technology and military capabilities, and rising GDP/capita will all contribute to China’s impending dominance. Interestingly 2030 is the midpoint between China’s projected economic dominance (2025) and the year at which China’s military spending is projected to outpace that of the USA (2035).

Virtually all countries in the developed world (dominated by the EU and USA) are in a period of prolonged relative decline due to an ageing workforce and stagnating economic growth.

For those who have studied the rise of China, this report should ultimately come as no surprise in of itself. The truly interesting result of the report will be any related statements or actions taken by politicians over the next few days and weeks.

I wrote elsewhere about how dangerous and misguided the Obama pivot towards Asia was, given it’s focus on military dominance. I hope this report, from such a highly respected organisation, will encourage the Obama administration to rethink their position and decrease tension between Western and Asian nations.

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  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    The west needs to shed the socialist mantra which is weakening its very fabric.


  2. The NIC, although composed of bright people, is really not suited to operating national security on a Ouija board; so, I have little confidence in this prediction and so should you.



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