Report from Poland: Shanghai for 72 hours without a visa from January 1

ShanghaiAs reported by Want China Times and the portal, Shanghai authorities have decided to follow in the footsteps of Beijing from January 1, and release transit passengers from 45 countries – including Poland – from the visa requirement for short stays in the city. This is very important information for people who go to Shanghai as tourists, but also for business purposes.

As reported in the China Daily, the regulations will come into force from early 2013 to facilitate transit passengers, including those who have flown to Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport, and will stay in the city for no longer than 72 hours. Currently, Shanghai offers the possibility of visa-free stay for transit passengers from 32 countries, who want to stay in the city up to 48 hours.

The additional 24 hours plays an important role in contributing to the number of visitors to the city, says Zhao Huanyan of the Shanghai Research Institute of Tourism. To attract more tourists Beijing authorities also announced similar facilities arrangements last week.

The new rules will not apply to travellers who arrive in Shanghai by train or on board ship.

In 2011, the number of foreign tourists visiting Shanghai reached 8.18 million, there were about 4 percent. less than the previous year in which the city hosted the world exhibition EXPO. It is expected that in 2012 the number of foreign tourists will reach 8.25 million.

The new policy will benefit airlines, travel agencies, shopping centres and, more importantly, five-star hotels.

According to real estate consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle, Shanghai has most of the Chinese cities four and five star hotels, and in the next three years, there number will increase by 80 – 100.

In the first three quarters of this year, the average room rate in five-star hotels in Shanghai fell by 8.54 per cent, while the price of a similar room in Beijing jumped by 10.9 percent.

Exemption from the need for a visa for a three-day stay includes all countries in the EU (except Norway), United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Excluded from the list are India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries.


Source: chiny24 “Szanghaj: 72 godziny bez wizy od 1 stycznia”


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