China remembers Nanking massacre, while sending aircraft to patrol Senkaku Islands

10,000 people attended a ceremony at the Nanking massacre memorial hall in Jiangsu

10,000 people attended a ceremony at the Nanking massacre memorial hall in Jiangsu

People may wonder whether the air patrol over disputed Diaoyu Islands sea area yesterday, mentioned in my earlier post, and the ceremony to recall the Nanking massacre are mere coincidence, or China chose the date on purpose to show that it is not as weak as it was 75 years ago when Japan invaded it, and that it is now strong enough to challenge Japan.

The patrol and the ceremony do not bode well, and war may be imminent if Japan attacks a Chinese patrol aircraft or ship.

SCMP describes the ceremony in its report entitled “10,000 gather to recall victims of Nanking massacre”, saying, “Air raid sirens sounded in the eastern city of Nanjing yesterday as nearly 10,000 people attended a ceremony to mourn those who died 75 years ago in the Nanking massacre.

“The Chinese government says 300,000 civilians and soldiers died in a six-week massacre after Japanese troops entered what was then the capital on December 13, 1937.

“At the Nanking massacre memorial hall, built on a pit where thousands of victims were buried, people sang the Chinese national anthem as soldiers in dress uniform carried memorial wreaths across a stage.”

When I was very young, I often heard my father tell me stories about how as a fresh graduate from medical school, he volunteered to go the front to treat wounded Chinese soldier when Japan invaded China.

He narrowly avoided being caught by the Japanese quite a few times, as he did not want to leave the heavily wounded behind when he received orders to retreat.

He told me if he had not luckily left Nanking in time, there would not have been me in the world, as he would have been a victim of the massacre. All Chinese in the city who had received college education were killed without exception, he said, as Japan wanted China to remain weak.

When Japan held an exhibition in Shanghai in the 1950’s, there were stories spread through gossips that some people who had lost their relatives in the war slapped the Japanese in the exhibition in the face.

When my father heard the story, he said, “That is no good. We should live peacefully with Japanese people and there shall not be any revenge. Otherwise, there will be no end of trouble.”

It is a pity that most Chinese people do not think that way; therefore, there has been much talk about a naval war against Japan in 2014 to revenge China’s defeat 120 years ago in the first Sino-Japanese War.

I do hope Chinese and Japanese statesmen have the wisdom to find a peaceful solution of the maritime territorial dispute.

Read the SCMP report: “10,000 gather to recall victims of Nanking massacre”

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