US recognises Arunachal Pradesh as part of India, not China

China India GuardsUS ambassador to India Nancy J Powell on Friday said the US still adopts the 1962 policy of recognising the McMahon Line regarding the India-China border dispute. She, however, said the US does not position itself in the dispute.

Interacting with newsmen here on Friday, Powell said she recognises Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India. On China’s repeated claims that Arunachal Pradesh as its territory, Powell said, “This is an issue between India and China. It has to be resolved bilaterally by the two countries.” She added that the US always encourages talks between India and China on all issues.

Commenting on China’s rise as a global power, Powell said the US does not consider China’s fast economic and military growth as a cause of rivalry. “We don’t think it is a rivalry. The US will continue to work with China, along with other friendly countries. We are for investing in China and engaging them in trade,” she added. She said the US has good relations with China and have a lot of investment in that country. She, however, said India’s own interests are similar to that of the US as both countries believe and practice democracy.

Powell said the geo-political situation in South and South-East Asian region has changed now and the India’s northeast region has become an important area. “With Myanmar opening up and trade links with Bangladesh improving, the northeast today is at a critical juncture,” she added.

“The northeast joins the ASEAN countries with the Indian sub-continent. It is a geographical junction of the new silk route,” said Powell, explaining how the NE region has become very crucial for trade ties between India and ASEAN countries. The NE region will benefit from trade and development, she added.

On reports of India’s neighbours funding and sheltering NE rebels, the US ambassador said India can work with its neighbours to resolve the problem. “Enhancing economic relations and trade links can help in bringing peace to the region,” she said.

Source: Times of India “India-China border row: US sticks to McMahon Line”

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  1. Arunachal pradesh belongs only to India. Chinese military activities in the are are intolerable and arrogant.



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