Southern China officials called on to be monogamous

Chinese OfficialsAn anti-graft official in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou called on government and Communist Party officials to be faithful to their spouses after a slew of local scandals, the China Daily reported today.

Mei Heqing, a standing member of the communist party’s Guangzhou disciplinary commission, also disclosed at a briefing yesterday that 38 of the 61 county-level or higher officials investigated this year in the city kept mistresses or had more than one sexual partner, the newspaper reported.

China’s new Communist Party leaders pledged this month to abandon extravagance, reduce lavish receptions and live more frugally, amid a broader push to stamp out corruption. Former Politburo member Bo Xilai, who was expelled from the party in September for taking bribes and his wife’s murder of a British national, was also accused of having had improper sexual relations with numerous women.

In a more recent case, Lei Zhengfu, party secretary of the Beibei district in the municipality of Chongqing, was removed from his post last month after he was identified in a sex video that was circulated on the Internet, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Nov. 23.

In Guangzhou, He Jing, deputy head of the city’s public security bureau, was accused of having had affairs with several women along with taking bribes, Xinhua reported in September.

Source: Bloomberg “Southern China Officials Called on to Be Monogamous, Daily Says”

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    A story to go along with this.
    One of the very first questions I got in at a lunch after arriving in China went something like this: How do you in the US manage more than one wife?
    Now, being a Mormon, I immediately thought I was dealing with one of those stereotype questions that goes back to the old polygamy questions of 1800s Mormonism. What I have since learned is that he knew nothing about my Mormonism but was wondering if I could give him pointers on how we do it so he could. I guess that the movies and tv that makes it here to China would suggest that “successful” Americans ALL have a mistress. My answer was “talk to my boss he is on his 3rd marriage and can’t seem to get the 2 ex-wives to leave him alone”.
    Even now I don’t know what the best answer would have been to a question like that; and trust me, I have thought about it more than once.



  1. China’s Underage Sex Scandals Spark Anger Over ‘Weak’ Law | China Daily Mail

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