The first public report on the activities of officials

Wenzhou leader Li Shibin visibly sweating during public report

Wenzhou leader Li Shibin visibly sweating during public report

China‘s first public report on the activities of officials, covering an entire year, was released in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province at the end of last month. Individual heads of municipal agencies appeared before the media and the local community, to assesses their work in the past year.

The speeches by heads of 27 municipal authorities could decide their career. The reason is that the annual assessment of public employees’ by the voice of the people “decides 40% of the overall result. The remaining 60% of the votes comes from the relevant government agencies, the party and the CCP consultative bodies. These, however, especially in the case of unpopular officials, are dependent on the public.

Some commentators define the experiment of Wenzhou as witnessing the coming of political reform. Others, however, say the officials made ​​public statements that were only an empty gesture.

Professor Zhu Xiehan, of the Beijing Chinese Academy of Governance, said that the efforts of the government of Wenzhou in order to establish a public oversight administration procedure had failed. There is little public knowledge about individuals undergoing public scrutiny, or the scope of their duties. As stated by Professor Zhu, the public do not have the freedom to obtain information on individual officials are not able to properly assess their work.

It does not change the fact that a large number of the public officials “verified” had a hard time in front of the cameras, with reports gathered from viewing and listening audiences as well.

The star of the internet has become the head of the government of Wenzhou, Li Shibin, who was publicly criticised for the disorders in the city and the poor state of its infrastructure. While reading his report, and being aware of the great importance of the public, he visibly lost control of his emotions and began sweating heavily, as if in a sauna. He is not alone. Remember after all of our compatriot, Zbigniew Chlebowski [this report is from Poland]. Also sweating like in a sauna when finding himself in uncomfortable circumstances.

It is not known whether the experiment of Wenzhou will be implemented by other Chinese cities. If so, it will mean that the initiative came from the top, and that it actually may be a precursor to a completely new custom in China’s internal politics.

Source: Chiny24 “Chiny: Pierwsze publiczne sprawozdanie z działalności urzędników”

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  1. These are empty gestures.When political party and its appointed leaders hold key positions in business and commerce of the country the common man is bound to suffer whether that be communism or capitalism.There may be more wealth in China now but general public will not get much use of it.The thieves hold the key to all the wealth of people and they are not likely to give it away voluntarily,unfortunately.


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    New openness – to be welcomed!



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