China to Poland railroad begins operations

China Poland RailAccording to the agency PAP, the first direct container train from China arrived on Wednesday at Poland‘s Łódź Olechów station. It had followed a route of almost 10 thousand kilometres through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, taking fifteen days. This is much faster than the supply of containers to Europe by sea.

As reported last Thursday, spokesman Mariusz Przybylski said the PKP cargo train of 41 containers departed from China December 18, 2012. The train was 554 metres in length and weighed 715 tonnes. This is the first train to complete the journey from China. The loaded containers were filled mainly with electronics, and left Chengdu in western China. From Łódź, the electronics will be sent to the whole of Europe.

According to Przybylski, the rail freight route offers an alternative to shipping. Normally shipping from China to Europe takes about 30-40 days.

The organiser of the transport standard gauge route was Cargosped, a specialised company of Group PKP Cargo Logistics.

Containers are handled with the broad wagon(1520 mm) and standard gauge wagons (1435 mm) in a terminal belonging to CL Małaszewicze company (PKP Cargo Logistics). On January 2, 15 hours prior to schedule, the train reached the destination station Łódź-Olechów, where it was discharged.

Przybylski said PKP Cargo had previously handled several such shipments, which terminated in Germany or the Czech Republic, and interest in container transport from China to Europe through Poland is increasing.

The Łódź is the only place in Poland which will carry out regular direct rail transports cargo from China, says Izabela Wolaniuk of Lodz Hatrans logistics company, which operates trains in Poland. Hatrans hopes that using ships, it will become a “port” for reloading companies trading with China.

Running a weekly connection with China is great news for logistics centres operating around Łódź. The terminal is located near the Olechów Stryków, Piotrkow or Belchatow. Logistics centres are located in the immediate reach. This makes them more competitive.

Source:  chiny24 “Połączenie kolejowe Chiny – Polska uruchomione”

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