Armies of Cambodia, China sign deal to enhance partnership

Prime Minister Hun Sen

Prime Minister Hun Sen

China is by far the largest investor and financial donor in Cambodia. And now China makes a next, crucial step. The Chinese take the Kingdom of Cambodia even stronger in the wake of its power interests in Southeast Asia.

General Qi Jianguo, senior member of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) pledged more military aid for Cambodia in the form of military training and equipment following an earlier agreement to sell 12 helicopters to Phnom Penh.

The Chinese-built Zhi-9 army utility helicopters are part of a USD 195 million Chinese loan cemented late last year and will be used mainly for emergency relief efforts. But the RCAF will use them too, for “expanding its military missions and remote deployment”.

China will also give gifts of a less lethal nature: music instruments for the upcoming funeral of late King Father Norodom Sihanouk.

Chinese-Cambodian Friendship Infantry Institution inaugurated

The two allies deepen military ties with a new training agreement and training centre: China will reinforce the training assistance to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF), both in military expertise and the Chinese language.

At the new Chinese financed facility at Kampong Speu’s Combined Arms Officer School Thlok Tasek young soldiers will receive quality training from Chinese advisers to improve their knowledge and skills so they can replace retiring officers.

Chinese PLA’s deputy chief of staff Qi and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen presided over a closing ceremony of the first batch of Cambodian infantrymen who have graduated from a Chinese military academy. About 1,000 Cambodian soldiers recently came back home from the China based training deployment.

China plays a key role – for Cambodian army and economy

China has played a key role in improving Cambodia’s military equipment, when Beijing donated 250 jeeps and trucks to Cambodia’s army after the U.S. scrapped a similar plan.

China is also investing heavily in Cambodia, with its companies pledging in the past year to pump $8 billion into the country, a figure equal to almost two-thirds of the Cambodian economy.

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