China: Politburo to control quality and number of party members

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Singtao Daily says, according to the statistics provided by the Central Organisation Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), there are in all more than 82.6 million CCP members now, of which more than 26.6 million were recruited in the period from 2002 to 2011. However, along with the reform and opening up and economic development, corruption among CCP members, especially CCP cadres has become increasingly rampant.

Xinhua reports: On January 28, CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a Politburo meeting that studied the arrangement to strengthen the work of recruitment and management of CCP members under the new situation.

Xinhua says that the meeting points out that for a long time in the past, many excellent members have been recruited to inject fresh blood into the party. CCP members have played pioneering and exemplary roles in promoting the development of science and the harmony in society, providing services for the mass of people, and especially in fulfilling major tasks and fighting against natural disasters. They have vividly reflected CCP’s advanced and pure nature by their indomitable fighting spirit, untiring work and selfless dedication.

However, as pointed out by the meeting, as the reform, opening up and the development of socialist market economy deepen and the size of the CCP grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and administer the party. The profound changes of the situations in the world, country and party have given rise to many new issues and challenges resulting in failure to adapt to the new situation, new tasks and new requirements in recruiting and managing CCP members.

That is mainly reflected in some party organisations’ failure to strictly control the recruitment: of new CCP members; the need to improve CCP members’ quality; failure to make party membership structure satisfactorily rational; the relative lack of diversification in the methods and means in managing CCP members; and the imperfect mechanism in managing migrant CCP members. Also, a minority of CCP members were wavering in their ideal and faith, had lack of awareness of CCP’s goal and sense of CCP’s discipline and even ideological decay, corruption and degeneration.

Such problems reduce the CCP’s vigour and vitality, harm its image and prestige among the mass of people, weaken the party’s ability to blaze new trails and rally people around it and combat effectiveness. The problems must be resolved earnestly.

The meeting showed that the Politburo realises that the rampant corruption in the party lies in the quality of party members. It stressed intensification of the control of recruitment and management of Party members to ensure CCP’s advanced and pure nature. It raised the general requirements of controlling the size, optimising membership structure, improving quality and giving play to CCP members’ role.

It requires CCP organisations to strictly adhere to the standards for CCP members, intensify education of candidates for CCP members, allow people to give free comments on recruitment candidates and strictly comply with procedures and discipline in recruiting CCP members. It requires them to make efforts to recruit workers, continue to do a good job of recruiting farmers and attach importance to recruiting young workers, farmers and intellectuals.

What raises people’s eyebrow is that the meeting wants to keep a proper size of the party and dispose of unqualified CCP members in a timely manner. Does this mean a substantial purge in the CCP since there are so many corrupt members there? We shall wait and see.

Sources: Xinhua, Singtao Daily

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