China’s media and netizens active in Xi Jinping’s fight against corruption

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

The media and netizens in Guangdong, the pioneer province of reform, are the most active in joining Xi Jinping’s fight against corruption.

Ming Pao said that Southern Metropolis Daily exposed the luxurious banquet given to responsible persons in Zhuhai financial circles by Zhou Shaoqiang, general manager of Zhuhai Financial Investment Corporation, a state-owned company.

Zhuhai’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee made an investigation and claimed that the banquets cost only 4,689 yuan ($753) instead of 37,517 yuan ($6,023) as exposed.

Zhuhai Discipline Inspection Commission intervened and found by investigation the banquets indeed cost more than 30,000 yuan ($4,817), 8 times as much as the Committee alleged. The Commission suspended Zhou’s job and ordered participants in the banquets to pay the part in excess of $753.

In addition, Zhao Haibin, deputy party secretary of Shijie Town, Lufeng City, was exposed to have two identities (hukou) and to own 192 properties. He has been put under investigation by Lufeng City’s discipline inspection commission.

According to SCMP, Xinhua has also joined the fight and reported that in a county in Jilin, the police station charged 30,000 yuan ($4,817) to 50,000 yuan ($8,027) for a fake hukou and attracted quite a few customers.

SCMP says in its report today, “Faking a hukou, or proof of residency, could easily make the real owner of properties less visible. Zhai Zhenfeng, a former director of the housing administration bureau in Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan, and three family members all had two hukou and between them owned 31 properties, it was revealed in December.”

Due to the convenience to conceal and quick appreciation in value, properties have been corrupt officials’ favourite investment.

SCMP said that 10 corrupt officials, reported by whistle-blowers in the past two months, each owned more than a dozen properties.

Sources: Ming Pao, Southern Metropolis Daily, Xinhua, SCMP

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