Six Chinese passengers abuse airline staff causing flight delay

KLM Airlines Singtao Daily says in its reports that according to a Mr Huang’s post on the internet, at noon on February 13, six first-class Chinese passengers boarded the aircraft late, causing the delay of KLM flight KL898.

After boarding, the six not only firmly refused to fasten their safety belts and switch off their mobile phones, but yelled at the captain and airhostesses with insulting language.

Legal Evening News contacted a Mr Lin, who was a passenger on the airliner at that time.

He said that some of the six Chinese in the first-class cabin on the upper deck did have some temper.

A female among them even used some foul language and threatened that she would take photos to expose the crew.

Soon the crew of the aircraft told the passengers that as some passengers in the first-class cabin had conflicts with the flight attendants, the captain refused to take off and would taxi the plane back to the parking area.

When it was back, all other passengers aired their indignation and denounced the few passengers for their poor quality.

Soon after, several airport guards boarded the plane and took away the six passengers.

Then the plane taxied to the runway and took off for Holland.

The police substation at Capital Airport confirmed that there were conflicts on flight KL898 due to language problems, but there was no fighting in the incident.

Sources: Singtao Daily, Legal Evening News

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  1. Where exactly did this happened?



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