Chinese nationalism vs Australian pride

Australia China FlagsWumao are Chinese nationals paid by the government to stir anti-western sentiment on the internet.

The name derives from the fact that they get the pittance of 0.5 yuan, or 50 mao (Wu mao in Chinese), for each post they make on the internet – less than 10 cents.

One of their favourite games is to try to convince westerners that being Chinese is superior to being any other nationality.

Recently, on, a wumao wrote the following question: “would u ever give up ur nationality for the chinese one?

Obviously, from the spelling and lack of capitals, this was not an English speaker.

Tired of this same question being asked over and over, almost daily, a poster on the site (Mr Craig Hill) wrote his own little nationalistic “tirade” reproduced below, comparing China to Australia.

Apparently, Chinese aren’t the only ones who love their country:

eChinacities Wumao Response:

In Australia, I get free healthcare of a high quality in clean hospitals. Doctors and nurses don’t get routinely killed by crazed patients.

Primary and high school education are free, and at one of the highest standards in the world. Crazed lunatics don’t go into our schools stabbing the children at will.

At university, the government pays 70% of tuition fees, and lends the students the rest as an indefinite interest fee loan. The awards gained are recognised internationally, and not just within the country in which they are issued. Lecturers do not rape students and throw them off buildings.

The apartment I live in is clean and not falling apart because of poor workmanship. It is insulated for warmth in winter and to keep cool in summer. The furniture and electricals don’t fall apart after a few weeks. I only have to pay rent weekly, not three months at a time.

The car I drive doesn’t have asbestos in it. The drivers drive in an orderly manner, and usually on just one side of the road.

I can go swimming at the beaches and in the rivers, without having to worry about toxic chemicals killing me. I can drink the water straight from the taps, again, not having to worry about it killing me.

I can go jogging in the parks and streets, without having to dodge litter, spit, urine and faeces. I don’t have to worry that the air I am breathing is killing me.

I don’t have to worry that the food I am eating is killing me, or that the milk I give my baby will also be a killer. I don’t have to worry that the clothes I wear have been treated with chemicals that will cause health problems.

I can travel to, and live in, any city I want to, without having to register immediately with the police station, or worry about some ridiculous hukou system. I can freely travel to almost any country on earth, without fear of visa rejection based on my fellow citizens almost always overstaying their visas. I don’t get turned away from the best hotels, because my countrymen are considered the worst tourists in the world.

I can protest against my government, my employer, large companies or social issues without having to worry about three years detention without charge or trial.

I can have as many children as I like. In fact, my government gives me thousands of dollars cash for each child I have. There are no forced abortions on women that can’t pay huge bribes to corrupt officials.

Racial hatred and gender discrimination are not taught in the schools, nor promoted by the government. In fact, such things are punished in my country.

My country doesn’t have territorial disputes with 20 countries, nor does it have trade or political disputes with almost every country on earth.

Most importantly, my country is not headed for complete economic, political, social and environmental collapse in the very near future, unless Tony Abbott wins the election in September. But at least we actually get to elect our leaders.

So no. I wouldn’t give up my citizenship to become Chinese, even if such a thing was possible. However, almost anybody can become an Australian citizen, and thousands of Chinese renounce their own country each year to do just that, and we welcome them with open arms.

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  1. Preach it brother! Amen and amen!


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