China: Liaoning aircraft carrier will have a squadron of aircraft this year

China Liaoning Aircraft CarrierAccording to CCTV, in an interview with media, NPC (National People’s Congress–China’s parliament) deputy Zhang Yongyi disclosed that this year, the Liaoning “may conduct distant-water tests as such tests are indispensable for an aircraft carrier.

Without exception, all aircraft carriers must undergo distant-water tests before its structure can be finalised and its combat capability can be realised.”

Zhang is the chief commander in charge of the tests and maiden voyage of China’s first aircraft carrier the Liaoning.

He gave a briefing on the progress in carrying out the aircraft carrier project.

So far the carrier has undergone 12 sea tests and satisfactorily fulfilled four major tasks: the construction of the carrier, the construction of the carrier-based aircraft test ground, the tests of carrier-based aircraft taking off and landing on the carrier and the training of pilots of carrier-based aircraft.

Zhang said that further training of the skill of landing on the carrier must be carried out this year. In addition, there will be training in forming various formations that are required for future battles and training.

“When the Liaoning and the carrier-based aircrafts have completed those tests, our Liaoning may complete training and even fulfill combat tasks in whatever sea area,” Zhang said.

Zhang mentioned that batches of pilots have now been selected one by one. Some time later, newly recruited carrier-based aircraft pilots will undergo the tests to fly carrier-based aircrafts. “In the near future, we will establish our own squadron of carrier-based aircrafts and have it deployed in our navy.”

Such statements indicate that he Liaoning will have its own squadron of aircraft this year

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