3300 dead pigs found floating in Shanghai’s Huangpu River; drinking water fears

Dead Pigs Shanghai 01Recently, many dead pigs floated down the Songjiang section of Shanghai’s HuangpuRiver. By March 10, the number of dead pigs retrieved had risen to 1200.

It is said that the source of the dead pigs is the upstream area of the Huangpu. At present, Shanghai is stepping up coordination with those areas to investigate the source of the dead pigs, to stop the irregular practices in disposing of he animals.

The Shanghai Water Supply Department said that the water quality data of local tap water in Songjiang is normal and meets relevant standards.

According to relevant people of Songjiang District Agriculture Committee, the dead pigs have been collected and disposed in a harmless and timely manner. Tracking from the ear marks on the dead pigs found so far, the sources of the dead pigs are mainly in the areas upstream of Shanghai.


SCMP reports: “Fears over drinking water after discovery of rotting animals

“Chinese officials have found a total of 3,323 dead pigs in a Shanghai river as of Monday afternoon and discovered swine virus in one of them, but they have stressed that the disease is not known to be infectious to humans.

Dead Pigs Shanghai 02The virus is known as Pocine Circovirus type 2, or PCV-2, a statement posted on Shanghai Agricultural Commission’s official account on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo said on Monday morning.

The statement stressed the virus is not known to cause disease in humans but noted China had seen an increasing occurrence of this kind of virus causing sickness in pigs.

“The city’s water authority said it had closely monitored the quality of tap water since the dead pigs were discovered and said the water quality remained “normal”, state media Xinhua reported.”

“CCTV reported local residents near HuangpuRiver saying that dumping dead, diseased pigs in the river was common practice. ‘

After the sick pigs died [they] just dumped them in the river…Constantly. Every day,’ one villager said.

“‘They are everywhere, and smell very bad,’ another said.”

Source: Ming Pao – “1,200 Dead Pigs Retrieved from Songjiang Section of Shanghai’s Huangpu River” (translated by Chan Kai Yee)
Source: SCMP – “Number of dead pigs found in Shanghai river rises to 3,323”

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