Major General criticises lack of discipline in China’s military

Major General Zhang Xinan

Major General Zhang Xinan

Radio Television Hong Kong says that China’s official mouthpiece Global Times published a retired Major General’s signed article criticising relaxed discipline and slack work style in Chinese troops.

Major General Zhang Xinan, former deputy director of Second Artillery CorpsPolitical Department, pointed out in his article serious violations of discipline in Chinese troops at present.

He says military discipline is neither binding nor respected or held in awe, but entirely ignored.

He said that discipline violators put relationship, consideration of feelings and personal interests before military discipline.

Some of them openly defy orders and brazenly go their own ways.

He warned that the malpractices of disregarding orders have been so serious that it will be impossible to attain the goal of building up strong armed forces if no efforts have been made to put an end to such malpractices and screw up discipline.

Once a war breaks out, the troops will pay dearly.

Analysts point out that the article criticises corruption among high-ranking military officers.

Source: Radio Television Hong Kong “Retired PLA major general criticises relaxed discipline and complete disobey of military orders” (Translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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