China: Various types of AEW&C aircraft provide 24-hour combat capability

Chinese Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft

Chinese Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft

Various types of airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft took off by turns to fly one after another incessantly all day and night.

On the morning of April 3, a certain division of PLA air force successfully concluded a 24-hour continuous training it organised.

Division commander Lu Jian told a reporter that the results of the training indicated that China’s airborne early warning forces have acquired 24-hour early warning capability, and are able to take off at any time to fulfil on-duty combat tasks.

The reporter saw on the screen at the command post that in the 24 hours from 8.00 am yesterday to 8.00 am today, various types of AEW&C took off one after another by turns and data from air combat theatre came pouring into the high-speed data processing system and displayed at the terminals.

Several dozen kinds of combat factors in the air, on the ground and at sea appeared on the screens. Various specific conditions made various kinds of combat service people on duty busy to deal with.

Commander Li Jingguo told the reporter that through actual combat drills of the early warning command system, the troops’ quick response ability had been greatly enhanced.

Improvement of combat capability by leaps and bounds is the result of actual-war training. At a certain area in Central China, coordinated drill of early warning forces with a certain mechanised army division was carried out to direct the advance of motorised ground force.

At sea and in the sky in the South China Sea, AEW&C aircraft direct various kinds of other aircraft, and large groups of aircraft, to attack at sea far away from home and open up new routes in unfamiliar sea areas.

Aat the plateau in the Northwest, they directed the long-distance movement of various kinds of aircraft of the PLA army and air force, and their joint military drills.

In the vast East China Sea, they provided long-distance air situation early warning and information for navy troops and warships.

A firm stride forward in enhancing all-time early warning capability has been made by that 24-hour continuous rolling training.

With one aircraft in the sky to watch everywhere around it, we are able to see everything in the vast sky.

From commissioned flights to performance of the on-duty task of combat in the few years since the division was switched into an AEW&C division, it has fulfilled over 50 major tasks assigned by the upper level.

It has thus taken a course full of difficulties and challenges. In this continuous rolling training, it set many records of AEW&C training in range limit, strength limit, duration-of-flight limit, and similar feats.

Source: PLA Daily “PLA announces 24-hour combat capability formed by various types of AEW&C aircrafts” (translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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