China’s new hydrophonic detection net able to detect US nuclear submarines

China OceanAccording to China Science Daily’s report, China has completed the establishment at Lingshui, Hainan Province, its national marine acoustics research base, which is its first hydrophonic observation and detection net.

According to Taiwan comments, that is China’s first public report on the completion of its sonar observation and detection array at the bottom of the South China Sea.

However, according to US military analysts, China’s newly established hydrophonic detection system will not only improve by several dozen times Chinese navy’s anti-submarine capability, but also make it difficult for enemy submarines to track and reconnoitre Chinese submarines.

Supported by the radar and observation network based on shore, Chinese navy’s capability to provide real-time underwater intelligence will be greatly enhanced. At the same time, it will be able to effectively deal with the submarines of various countries that are active in the South China Sea.

US military intelligence analysts believe, although it is alleged that the net is for both military and civil use, like the underwater sonar network that the US has set up along the navigation routes by which the Chinese navy goes across the first and second island chains, it is specially used to reconnoitre enemy countries’ silent submarines. This set of China’s newest underwater reconnoitre sonar can accurately lock on the movements of US navy’s nuclear submarines.

Dong Jiayao: Well, in the intelligence it has been mentioned that China admits the establishment of its first coast-based underwater reconnoitre net, which is a challenge to US submarines. I would like to ask Mr Ma if China has now taken the initiative to make public relevant underwater sonar reconnoitre network.

Why is the US so nervous about that since it in fact also has a corresponding network that constitutes a threat to China?

China has to seize Nansha (Spratly) Islands in order that its coast-based hydrophonic sonar can detect US nuclear submarines

Ma Dingsheng: First, a submarine battle with China is what the US fears most. Compared with aircraft carrier and ballistic missiles, submarines are more powerful. Therefore, it adopts the best method to deal with submarines.

Now, if China has enhanced its hydrophonic detection ability many times, US submarines, especially nuclear submarines, will find themselves under threat. If such a sonar network can be set up in the South China Sea, its effect will be greatly enhanced.

We know that most of the islands and reefs are now in enemy hand instead of China’s hands. Therefore, in order to set up an effective hydrophone detection network, China must first seize back the islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

Source: Phoenix Satellite TV’s Observation Post of Military Situation “China has set up hydrophonic detection net in the South China Sea, making the US worry that its nuclear submarines will be detected”


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  1. The US can be athreat to China but not the other way.The problem with US is it has been used to fighting wars where its bases and US territory enjoy immunity and impunity.They are US sanctuaries and must not be allowed to be subject to enemy attack.In other words I can attack you but you must not be allowed to retaliate.How naïve.
    As we all know the US will in all probability defeat China in any war.The PLA is revving up its firepower so that the US will have its nose/any part of the body blown up defeating China.The price tag will go up year by year and even with a million nuclear missiles/shield cannot give the US 100% security.



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