China tests ships near disputed islands

Japan Coast GuardThree Chinese ships entered waters near the disputed Senkaku islands, known as Diaoyu in Chinese, and recognised by Japan as its territory.

The Chinese met with Japanese coast guard ships patrolling the area.

The Chinese ships were inside the 12 nautical mile zone (22 kilometres) from the coast of the islands, recognised by Japan as its territorial waters. They were observed at 11 km.

The disputed archipelago of uninhabited rocky islets is controlled by Japan, but China also lays claim to them.

The dispute is important to both countries, mainly for propaganda and prestige.

Fishing is also plays a major role around the islands, as well as potential deposits of natural resources.

Beijing regularly sends ships and aircraft to the vicinity of the disputed islands, in order to prevent the normalisation of control by Japan.

The Chinese “visits” significantly intensified in September last year, after Tokyo bought three of the five islands from a private owner.

This has led to intense conflict and anti-Japanese riots in China.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned in April that Japan will prevent by “force” a possible assault on the Senkaku Islands by the Chinese.

Abe announced the creation of 600-person special forces, which will respond if the waters are entered,including 12 ships to defend the Senkakus.

Source: tvn24 – Chińczycy testują Japończyków. Okręty obok spornych wysp

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