China has established its first carrier-borne aviation force

Maintenance of fighter jets on aircraft carrier the Liaoning

Maintenance of fighter jets on aircraft carrier the Liaoning

Singtao says in its comprehensive report, “The Chinese navy’s first carrier-borne aviation force was formally established yesterday. It marked the existence of a carrier-borne combat force on China’s aircraft carrier, and the Chinese navy is soon obtaining a blue sea air attack force. The progress of China’s development of its aircraft carrier is much quicker than Western expectation.

“When China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was officially commissioned, Western military experts believed that it would take quite a long time for the Liaoning to have combat capability, as Chin did not yet have a mature carrier-based fighter jet.

“Since the successful landing and taking-off of China’s J-15 fighter jets on the Liaoning, Western military experts still held that it was just tests of carrier-based fighter jets, and that it will take at least five years to set up a carrier-borne aviation force.”

Xinhua English says, “A carrier-borne aviation force has been formally established as part of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, military sources said on Friday.

“The forming of the force, approved by the Central Military Commission (CMC), demonstrates that the development of China’s aircraft carriers has entered a new phase, the sources said.

Wu Shengli, a member of the CMC and commander of the PLA Navy, attended the forming event on Friday.”

Singtao Daily says, “In order to enable the Liaoning to have combat capability as soon as possible, since the commencement of preparations for the establishment of the navy’s carrier-borne aviation force in February 2011, organisation, testing and training have been carried out simultaneously, and testing by pilots of carrier-based fighters has succeeded in landing and taking-off on the Liaoning.”

Xinhau Chinese says in its report on the topic, “Carrier-borne air force is the core portion in building up the combat capability of an aircraft carrier, and represents the buildup of a new type of combat strength in the navy. It is the pioneer of the navy’s strategic transformation and plays a major role of overall importance in the developing aircraft carriers and building up a powerful navy.

The carrier-borne air force will be equipped with carrier-based fighter jets, trainers and various kinds of ship-borne helicopters for anti-submarine, rescue and vigilance operations.

“The personnel of the carrier-borne air force are the elite, selected level by level from the air force units throughout the PLA. Among them, fighter jet pilots must have flown five types of aircraft, and their total flight time has to exceed 1,000 hours, while their flight time of third-generation fighter jets must exceed 500 hours.

“In addition, they should have participated in joint military drills and training of various arms of services and major military drills many times, and they should be the seeded pilots and selected pilots for specialised training in their original units.

“Moreover, they must have received the training for the qualification to be a crew member of the carrier, and studied 16 courses including warship theory, navigation knowledge, marine law, marine meteology and others, and passed relevant examinations at the navy’s Dalian Warship College. Then they must have lived, received training and served as trainees on board of the carrier to obtain relevant certificates.

Sources: Singtao Daily “China Has Established Its First Carrier-Borne Aviation Force” (excerpts translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee), Xinhua English “China’s navy forms 1st carrier-borne jet force” and Xinhua Chinese “Navy formally establishes its first carrier-borne aviation force” (excerpts translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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