China supports Ryukyu independence organisation; Japan no longer a friendly neighbour

Ryukyus Flag

Ryukyus Flag

On May 15, says in its report “Formal establishment of organisation for Ryukyus independence” that on May 15, local politicians, professors, social activists and citizen organisations in Okinawa established an association to study the national independence of Ryukyus in order to establish the Republic of Ryukyus.

The head of the association said that Japan had benefited from its security treaty with the US at the expense of Okinawa. Okinawa people have always been discriminated in Japan.

He held that Okinawa was the Kingdom of Ryukyus that did not belong to Japan. Even after it had been occupied by Japan, it had never handed over its right of autonomy to Japan; therefore, Okinawa people have the right to determine their independence.

Last Friday, the Global Times, a newspaper belonging to China’s official mouthpiece the People’s Daily, published a commentary titled “Chinese people shall support Ryukyus independence: We owe Japan absolutely nothing!

The commentary says that outsiders are not clear about the details of the organisation for Ryukyus independence, and thar the organisation is perhaps a common organisation, as it is relatively easy to establish an organisation with political tendency in Japan.

However, everybody knows that a weak and small organisation may grow powerful and play an important role in history given the right political environment.

The Kingdom of Ryukyus has been conquered by Japan for over a century, but the memory of the Kingdom still remains fresh.

Chinese people should sympathise with, and support the establishment of, the association for Ryukyus independence and the political goal it has announced.

Such support will not have much effect in the near future, but in the long run, it will be a major force in promoting the campaign for the restoration of the state of Ryukyus.

China has always advocated non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, but Western people and even governments have always supported Chinese separatists. China should not rely on oral persuasion to stop them, but should launch counterattacks.

There have always been people in Japan who support Chinese separatists. They have even invited such Chinese separatists as Dalai Lama and Rabiye Qadir to visit Japan; therefore Chinese people owe Japan absolutely nothing.

The newspaper says, “Along with the relative weakening of the West and the gradual emergence of many problems within their societies, the times when the West was able to show strength and focus when dealing with China has long passed. The disparity of strength in the political and social conflicts between China and the West is no longer as big as it was in the past.

“China should have the courage to change some of the old practices in dealing with the West. We have been suppressed for too long and have always been passive in warding off blows and giving explanation. Now in external conflicts of soft strength, we have to make attempts to go far across the frontline into enemy’s areas like we did in the civil war by sending troops to Dabie Mountains, 500 kilometres across the frontline into enemy’s territory.”

The commentary finally says, “We are clear ourselves that how earnestly we hope to maintain friendly relations with our neighbours and the peace in the entire region (Southeast Asia). We are sensitive in our actions to the feelings of other countries, even very small ones. As Japan has gone too far in its actions, in the future, we have to exclude it from our policy of friendly neighbour and treat it in another specific way.”

Sources: “Formal establishment of organisation for Ryukyus independence” and Global Times “Chinese people shall support Ryukyus independence: We owe Japan absolutely nothing!” (summaries and excerpts translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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  1. I agree that Ryukyus should be an independent country.

    China should support this idea; the murderous Japanese should not be the master of these beautiful Ryukyu people.



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