South China Sea dispute: Who is bullying who?

China South China Sea ClaimOn June 25, an article titled “China’s bullying tactics backfire in Australia” was posted at China Daily Mail, providing statistics about China’s unpopularity.

First, China has never bullied Australia. Most of the content of the article is correct but the title is wrong.

China is indeed becoming increasingly unpopular in Western countries.

Second, what shall Chinese people do to make them not so unpopular in other countries. They have to improve their behaviors and shall not be rude or ignore other countries’ rules or ethics when they travel abroad.

Third, what shall Chinese government do? Isolation may be better. However, that is impossible in a globalized world especially when other countries are trying to restrain China.

Neither China nor those countries are to complain. The problems lie deeply in the conflict of civilizations which according to American gifted political Scientist Samuel P. Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations may lead to a war between the United States and China.

Some people have tried to deny such clash, but has 911 not proved that? By denying it, the United States has failed to deal with the root cause: Islamic radicals’ hatred against the United States. As a result, US people live in constant fear of terrorist attack.

Fourth, who is bullying who?

In fact, no one is bullying anyone.

What people regard as bullying originates from the clash of civilizations.

In my post South China Sea Dispute: Chinese People’s Obsession, I said, “First of all, Chinese people regard as top priority keeping the legacy they have inherited from their ancestors, but such legacy may perhaps be useless or even an expensive burden.”

Now due to the clash of civilizations, such obsession in fact may lead to a war as predicted by Huntington.

Chinese people regard Taiwan as a part of such legacy. Japan seized it and due to the separation caused by Japanese occupation, some Taiwanese people have been alienated from China and want independence.

The United States supports them as according to Western values, people have the right to do so, but due to difference in values, almost all Chinese people do not allow that. They support Chinese government’s stance that if Taiwan announces independence, Chinese troops will take Taiwan back by force.

The United States has passed a law that if Taiwan is attacked, US troops will interfere.

If the United States does so when Taiwan declares independence, what will be the consequence?

A war between China and the United States. China has been preparing for such a war even a nuclear one for a long time. There is quite a detailed description of that in my above-mentioned post.

There is no use to talk about China bullying Taiwan (lots of Western people believe so) or the United States bullying China (almost all Chinese people think so).

Luckily, neither the United States nor China wants a war. The United States told Taiwan it would not support Taiwan if it declared independence when the pro-independence DPP was in power for 8 years in Taiwan; while China, though refuses to waive its option of a military solution if Taiwan announces independence, has tried its best to win over Taiwan peacefully.

Now, war is even more possible because of the South and East China Sea disputes. Why Western countries do not regard the Republic of China as aggressive in claiming those islands and even almost the entire South China Sea before communist takeover of the Chinese mainland or Taiwan after the takeover? Chinese people wonder.

Chinese people do not know that it is understandable that Western people feel threatened when China may become a superpower. That is natural due to the uncertainty. No one knows whether China will become a source of war like the sudden rise of Germany in the 20th century.

US switch of pivot and support for contenders for China’s claim make Chinese people believe that the United States is bullying China; while the United States and quite a few Western countries believe China is bullying contenders by sending its navy to safeguard its sovereignty.

In fact, no one is bullying anyone. The misunderstanding is caused by difference in values.

Westerners have their theory to negate China’s historical grounds for its claim. China refuses to accept Western theory on the ground that it is a colonist theory based on which Western aggressors took lots of colonies.

Will this clash of civilizations lead to a war?

At least, it has lead to a cold war now?

China’s recent purchase of lots of Russian oil and most advanced Russian fighter jets and Chinese support for Russia on the Syrian issue are a clear signal that a cold war partnership is taking shape.

In the Russia-China camp, there will certainly be Iran and some autocracies like Russia and China.

Do you like that scenario?

Make allowance for Chinese people’s obsession. Understand that Chinese people will even risk a nuclear war to keep their legacy. Try to find a peaceful solution when China is willing to resolve the disputes peacefully. Each country’s dispute with China is different, why insist on a group solution? Why does the United States believe that it shall support contenders militarily to force China to accept a group solution?

If Western countries do not welcome China into their community, they will drive China to Russia’s and other autocracies’ side.

That is very dangerous.

Westerners’ enmity will cause Chinese people to rally around the Chinese Communist Party that knows how to exploit such enmity for its popularity. Chinese democracy and human rights fighters will have an increasingly difficult environment because of that!

Are Westerners really support those fighters or merely exploit those fighters to restrain China? Are you not blocking China’s transformation from an autocracy into a democracy?

Do not have the illusion that China will not become powerful if it remains an autocracy. When Germany launched the two world wars, it was an autocracy!

The world can only be safe when China is a democracy!

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  1. Thanks Chan Kai Yee; some good points were raised here.

    The article you mentioned primarily referred to Australia’s perception that China is bullying other countries.

    Though not widely reported outside Australia, the following two stories are typical of what Australians see as bullying and threats by China towards Australia – that China demands Australia abandon the US and embrace only China:

    Though this may or may not have been China’s intentions, it is certainly the way it has been perceived in Australia.


    • Both Prof. Liu Mingfu and retired offcer Song Xiaojun are Maoists. As there are still lots of Maoists, they are popular among Maoists and often try to give the impression that they represent China. In fact they do not as they lack the seniority. No chinese leaders use such arrongant and mad language. It is disgusting, but please do not take them serious.

      You know their retoric remind people of Mao’s rubbish in Mao era. It is still popular among a large number of leftists, but it is not the main stream.


  2. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Something to think about & prepare for Americans….”The United States has passed a law that if Taiwan is attacked, US troops will interfere.

    If the United States does so when Taiwan declares independence, what will be the consequence?

    A war between China and the United States. China has been preparing for such a war even a nuclear one for a long time. There is quite a detailed description of that in my above-mentioned post.”


  3. I will not pretend to be very knowledgeable about this subject. I will however say that anyone who has been living in my country for the past fifty years and still takes reports about China’s behavior at face value, isn’t paying attention.

    Not only China, but you are the biggest, most influential nation left who proudly still claims to have a Communist Government.

    Saying to many Americans (including many of our politicians who should know better) that your country is Communist is tantamount to saying you represent Satan/Evil.

    It just isn’t going to become an acceptable label for Americans as a result of the “Cold War” with The Soviet Union. We were so saturated with “hate communism” propaganda that it took; really took.

    If Big, Communist China has a dispute with almost any other nation; they will be assumed to be the aggressor by these Americans.

    You will be the bully; the antagonist. Even if you get in a dispute with Russia. I would say you might stand a chance but the Russians would just play that “we’re not COMMUNIST anymore” card and BAM! You are Outa’ there.
    I’m telling you; it is a powerful word with Americans.
    What you need to do is what all the other former Communist and Totalitarian nations have done. You call yourself a “Democracy”. Americans love Democracy; well they love the idea of Democracy.

    The 1980’s New Wave Band “Devo” said it best when they said “Freedom of choice is what you’ve got” “Freedom from choice is what you want.”

    Americans think they want Democracy but what they really want is to be taken care of by the government. This is true of people on both sides of the political fence. It isn’t a monetary thing. The wealthy want the same care as the poor. They want to be given easy choices that present the illusion of their making important decisions but they want the really big decisions made and handled by their leaders.

    For all, most Americans know about their government; it could be run by a Politiburo type group. The rest could be an elaborate illusion.

    Hey have a good day and; Oh Yeh. You’re Chinese; right?
    Do you know a guy named………?



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