China develops revolutionary submarine with high speed of 100 knots

Photo of China’s new generation of nuclear submarine circulated on the Internet

Photo of China’s new generation of nuclear submarine circulated on the Internet

In its comprehensive report, says: “Reference News quotes Taiwan’s Central News Agency as reporting that Tan Zuojun, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, has recently revealed that China has successfully completed the development of its fourth-generation nuclear submarine. It has given rise to much speculation in military circles. Some experts are of the opinion that the news is credible.

Hong Kong’s Wen Hui Po quotes netizens analysis on that day as saying that the fourth-generation nuclear submarine Tan Zuojun mentioned must be Type 095 attack and Type 096 strategic nuclear submarines. However, Hong Kong military analyst Liang Guoliang said that by inference, China’s fourth-generation nuclear submarine must be Types 097 and 098.

“Liang Guoliang pointed out to the reporter that China has been developing its fourth-generation nuclear submarines since 2000. It is said that this kind of submarine is of a revolutionary design that adopts unprecedented method of propelling by magnetic liquid without screw propeller.

“Besides, the submarine is even free of tail and horizontal rudders and possibly has not even a surrounding shell. Therefore, it generates no mechanical or cruise noise at all and will be a real ‘ocean black hole.’

“In theory, the submarine’s speed may reach 100 knots (according to the original text in, quicker than all ordinary high-speed torpedoes.

“However, Liang said: the ‘successful development’ does not necessarily mean ‘successful manufacture.’ If the design has been completed and a submarine half or one thirds of the size of prototype has been made and successfully passed various tests, the development can be regarded as successful. However, the construction of one is another matter. According to Liang’s estimate, it takes at lease 4 to 6 or even 10 years to successfully launch and complete all relevant equipment for the submarine.”

Source: “Hong Kong media guesses China has developed a revolutionary submarine with 100 knots high speed” (translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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    The arm race between China, India and Japan gathers pace.


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    Ok, this really falls into the fantasy realm. I would love to see that. I truly believe that this latest propaganda is Vern at his best. Hey, guess someone believes this BS. I bet the steering process is telepathic, which would be great since I sure as heck wouldn’t want to ride a submarine doing 100 knots with “no tail and horizontal rudders”.



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