China concerned by US military buildup in Australia

US Troops in Australia

US Troops in Australia

China has expressed concern at the US decision to ramp up its military presence in the region by establishing a special naval task force to support its troops based in Darwin.

A technical “amphibious lift” group will be in place by 2018, possibly in Guam, to help the US mobilise its Australia-based troops quickly in an emergency.

The decision was interpreted by some Australian defence analysts as the next step of the US’s goal to “pivot” its defence capabilities towards the Asia-Pacific region over the next decade.

In China, analysts said the decision could further offend the Chinese government, which is still unhappy over Julia Gillard’s 2011 decision to allow US marines to be based in Darwin.

Shanghai Academy of Social Science researcher Li Kaisheng said the build-up of US troops in the region endangered Australia’s political ties with China.

Source: The Australian – Chinese unhappy with US build-up
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  2. Is China EVER ok with happenings with anything remotely within the vague region? I think the the response to any of this is the Chinese response to any criticism…. “this is an internal Chinese matter”. Having seen the territorial marine claims of China and the belligerent stance within the region. This area is become unbalanced and the neighbours of China are extremely nervous about it’s intentions.



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