China’s Bo Xilai tries to save his skin

The trial of Bo Xilai started to turn into an episode of Maury. Revelations about the tangled web of strained and complicated relationships within his family were used as his testimony, particularly when the evidence seemed most piled up against him.

Throughout the trial, the Communist leader has ardently denied accusations of embezzlement and all other charges. A Telegraph article reports that lawyer Li Zhuang said that feigning ignorance will not save him.

Bo must sense that  this game is up, and has therefore resorted to a new tactic of uncovering family scandal. After a witness stated overhearing a phone conversation between Bo and his wife Gu Kailai where he promised to embezzle $775,800, Bo not only denied that he would have such a conversation over the phone, but also stated that his wife had left him upon discovering he was having an affair.

Back in 2000, Gu Kailai fled with their son to London after she caught Bo cheating. According to his testimony, his wife was very angry with him, and the picture he had just painted of his family life showed that she was no longer relying on him and that they barely spoke. This explained why the wife of a prominent Communist leader chose to live with her son in a small apartment in Dorset and enroll him at a foreign prep school.

Gu Kailai’s anger was certainly not unfounded. Her husband was not just involved in one affair, but was apparently quite the Chinese Casanova. He was nicknamed “Bo Qilai” or “Erect Mr. Bo” due to his many romantic trysts with various women in luxurious hotels. While Bo’s statement came after the witness’s testimony, he maintains that his wife funded their son’s education at the prep school and that he did not need to embezzle funds from a government project to help her. He could not deny, however, that $775,800 somehow ended up in his wife’s account.

Now, on Monday, Bo revealed another tangled web of relationships before his trial came to a close. Gu Kailai was allegedly involved in an affair with  Wang Lijun, the former police captain and deputy mayor of Chongqing who exposed the truth about the murder of Neil Heywood. Wang had stated that he defected from Chongqing because he felt he was in danger (the woman he was having an affair with murdered a British businessman; Bo knew of the affair), but Bo claims it was because of the emotions he was experiencing as a result of the affair.

This was Bo Xilai’s last stand before the court deliberates a sentence. He technically faces the death penalty, but his position in the party may save him that fate. In his closing statement he emphasized that he is not a perfect man and failed to manage his family, which may be the new image he was trying to paint for the court. Not a corrupt party official, but a man with imperfections and family troubles.


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