China claims successful development of 4th generation nuclear submarine

Photo of China’s new generation of nuclear submarine circulated on the Internet

Photo of China’s new generation of nuclear submarine circulated on the Internet

China’s official media reported yesterday: Tan Zuojun, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, mentioned Liaoning’s achievements in the past decade at a conference on cooperation among the four Northeast provinces and region being held now.

He said, Liaoning “has successfully achieved domestic production of such equipment as 1,000 MW nuclear and thermal generating sets, one million-ton ethylene production equipment, high-speed locomotive, advanced ships, marine drilling platform, sophisticated numerical control centre and heavy numerically controlled machine tools.

“Its high-tech national defence industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and has successfully completed the development of fourth-generation nuclear submarines, aircraan ft carrier and a new-generation of fighter jets.”

In my post “China Developing Super Quiet and Fast Strategic Nuclear Submarines”, I said Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing The Mirror monthly revealed in late July to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, “China began development of its third-generation nuclear submarines, i.e. Type 095 Sui-class attack nuclear submarines and Type 096 Zhou-class strategic nuclear submarines and began producing them in 2007. The existence of the third-generation submarines is an undeniable fact.

“It is said that the Zhou-class ballistic missile strategic nuclear submarine has strong ability to break out of island chains alone. The number of submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) it carries has risen by 12 to 16 for Xia-class and Jin-class submarines. Each submarine can carry 160 separately guided nuclear warheads.”

However, there has been no official source to confirm The Mirror’s report. Now we have Xinhua’s official report on China’s successful development of its fourth-generation nuclear submarines. I wonder whether it refers to Type 095 Sui-class and Type 096 Zhou-class nuclear submarines or something better than them. Possibly the report confirms The Mirror’s report.

Source: “Official news: China has successfully developed such equipment as fourth-generation nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier” (summary and excerpts translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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