China eliminates 76 non-essential official awards

Xi Jinping inspecting the troops

Xi Jinping inspecting the troops

China said on Wednesday that 76 official awards, most little known, will be liquidated in the fight against wasteful  and irresponsible spending, which is part of the crusade led by President Xi Jinping against corruption.

Under the new rules, government departments will no longer be able to be rewarded. This includes, among others, a “great professional education training materials award” for tax officials.

“In recent years, many departments were obsessed with these awards and ratings,” it was reported in a statement on the website of the Chinese government.

“Not only did not bring the desired results, but it was a huge waste of resources and caused even unhealthy tendencies,” the report continued.

A similar campaign in 2009 resulted in annual savings by the government of 6.4 billion yuan, or about 1.05 billion dollars.

The elimination of these 76 awards is the first step, after which there will be further, the government announced.

Signs indicating the granting of such awards in China can be seen everywhere, from ministries to the parks and subway and generally they have little practical significance, as they are granted mainly for political reasons, says Reuters.

The new rules are part of a policy instigated by Xi, who assumes power close to the people. Xi, who in November became head of the Communist Party of China, wants to appease the anger and resentment caused by corruption, and restore confidence in the party.

Source: tvn24 – Chiny likwidują 76 nieistotnych oficjalnych nagród

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