A journalist’s role in China

China News Seller

China News Seller

North Korea considers journalists to be the voice of the government and they are therefore held in great esteem.   This sentiment is shared by the government leaders behind the bamboo curtain of China.

This government friendly fashion of journalism exacts more twisting than unfolding, more covering than uncovering.  Never does it allow the unbridled truth to reach the public.

Prior to residing in China for the past year, I was under the impression that people living under the thumb of Communism or Market-Communism, whichever you prefer to refer to the Chinese form of government as, were just completely brainwashed.  However, I have come to the realisation that it is more a matter of self-deception.

The government deceives itself with such fervour that the deceit actually becomes their truth.  The puppet-journalists perpetuate this manufactured truth to the public and, in turn, the entire population adopts this manifesto. The truth, I have learned, is not so much easily fabricated as it is easily exaggerated from an angle that everyone wants to be true. The truth is what you can get everyone to believe or act like they believe. In China and North Korea and other countries around the world we see government leaders using journalists as instruments of their regimes.

The people of China, including journalists, are allowed to express themselves only in government-sanctioned ways, and I have found it amazing to witness firsthand how being prohibited from freely expressing your thoughts and views can actually result in an overtly visionless society.  My experiences in China over this past year have made me realise the true value of the freedom of expression we enjoy.

I have always had an interest in journalism and this year I have spent in China has solidified my desire.  I relish the task of uncovering the whole truth and ensuring that all people have access to it. It is my belief that it is a journalist’s right to act as the jester who makes fun of the king.

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