China to build huge super nuclear bomber carrying over 200 nuclear bombs

Chinese Fighter Jet

Chinese Fighter Jet

According to Russian media, China is developing a new generation of strategic bomber due to a breakthrough in technology to reduce the size of a high-temperature, air-cooled nuclear reactor.

The new type bomber will be nuclear powered with shocking advanced shape and weapons.

The bomber will be called H-11 bomber much superior to the existing medium-sized H-6K bomber.

China began development of strategic bombers in the 1970s, but lacked the technology.

Through accumulation of technology for decades, it now is able to develop a strategic bomber.

However, it will take a long time to design and commission the bomber and make it combat effective.

The new nuclear strategic long-range bomber, codenamed “Light of Five Stars,” will enhance China’s nuclear deterrent to an unprecedented high, and enable China to have overwhelming air superiority.

Its cruise speed will be Mach 3.6 and it can remain flying at high speed for 3.5 months incessantly.

It can carry 170 to 210 sets of nuclear bombs depending on the density and scale of its targets.

Source: “Shocking Revelation of China’s huge nuclear bomber that carries over 200 sets of missiles” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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  1. Really? Honestly, I normally read your (re)posts with a slight pinch of salt, because I actually do have a fairly reasonable idea of how things stand in this field. But this one… Really? Just start at the photo and work onwards from there. It contains more holes than your common-or-garden colander.

    Because hey, there’s such an enornmous body of literature already in the public domain that doesnt require me to talk to people who know more than that. This post? Nonsense. (And I did check with people who know more than that, and they concur).

    China is a major threat to the civilised world, and I’m all for helping people to be aware of that fact. But this kind of ignorant scare-mongering doesn’t help; it detracts from the theme.

    If you don’t understand something, ask people who do. Don’t blindly repeat every story you encounter and expect that your credibility will last.


    • In the interests of fairness, we repost what Chinese media are reporting, as well as what western media are reporting. Readers must make their own evaluations as to the credibility of both western and Chinese media reports. As no picture is available of a planned bomber that has not yet been designed, a picture of a fighter jet was used.


    • I was in Ningbo china a year and a half ago, woke by what I thought to be a earth quake, the shaking stopped but started back, 15 minutes later, I went down to the street in time to see a giant plan, doing touch and goes, it is huge, with two stacks of 3 huge jet engines in the back, this thing was scary, biggest plan I ever saw.


  2. I think China is working on a nuclear airplane.According to Russia Today, China has developed a small 4th generation helium cooled nuclear reactor.A larger model is under construction at Ruijin,China.The pebble bed modular reactor was developed by Dr. Yujie Dong,500 faculty members and 200 graduated students at Tsinghua University.THe CCTV shows a model of a bomber taking off using 4 tubo-scram jet engines.(see Popular Science article on Wang Zhengou turbo-scram jet) .Once it obtained hypersonic speed the nuclear reactor will power it.



  1. China to build huge super nuclear bomber carrying over 200 nuke bombs
  2. China claims H-18 stealth bomber is able to reach Guam with nuclear weapons | China Daily Mail

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