China prohibits the expenditure of public funds for New Year’s gifts

China Fireworks

China Fireworks

The Chinese Communist Party, in its campaign of waste and corruption, forbade its members to use public funds for expenses related to New Year: do not use the public funds for alcohol or fireworks.

The new ban applies to both the Western New Year, as well as the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, starting in the spring inside the country. This was announced today by the official agency Xinhua, citing the party’s anti-corruption body – the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection.

During the holidays, it is a common scenario to use public funds to give gifts, and this creates the wrong atmosphere – Xinhua said.

Public money can not be used to buy flowers, food, tobacco or other products.

The ban applies to government agencies, branches of the party, state-owned companies and financial institutions, but allows exceptions for “consolation” of other people and workers who find themselves in financial difficulties.

During the Lunar New Year in China, the masses fire up the fireworks for a week, which are meant to scare away evil forces, and brightens the night sky with a colourful extravaganza of fireworks and smoke.

China‘s President Xi Jinping, however, is trying to meet the growing social outrage at unethical or illegal behaviour of party officials, especially those who surround themselves with splendor, a sign of corruption.

Since taking office, Xi has called corruption a threat to the very existence of the party and promised to prosecute for corruption both “mighty tigers” and “small flies.”

Source: wiadomosci.onet – Chiny zakazują wydatków z publicznych środków na przyjęcia noworoczne

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