China’s hypocrisy, shamelessness and paranoia

Chinese Military

Chinese Military

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

I refer to the report of AFP, “China slams Japan defence spending plan”, December 22.

According to the said article:

“China has denounced Japan’s plans to boost military purchases, accusing it of playing up regional tensions as an “excuse” to ramp up defence spending.

“The cabinet of hawkish Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed Tuesday to spend 24.7 trillion yen ($240 billion) between 2014 and 2019 — a five percent boost to the military budget over five years.

“Japan plans to purchase stealth fighters, drones and submarines as part of its efforts to boost military hardware that will beef up defence of far-flung islands amid a simmering territorial row with China.”

Geng Yansheng, the Chinese military spokesman said in a statement that they are “firmly opposed” to their neighbour’s spending plans.

Not content in showing the displeasure of his empire, said military spokesman even accused “Tokyo of playing up the perceived military threat from China” and further used it as an “excuse” to expand its military.


Japan is an independent country and a bona fide member of the international community! What is the business or the right of China to tell Japan how latter should spend its money?

What is the right of these Chinese brigands and pirates to impose their will to a sovereign and independent nation on how the said country should conduct its political life?

What China is doing is a clear intrusion and an unmistakable encroachment to the internal body politics of Japan! They have no right whatsoever to interfere in any way in any country’s domestic political determination!

Who are they to command another country?  When in fact and in truth, as it was categorically reported by the Sweden-based think-tank the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) that “China has been boosting its defence budget for decades, and last year was the world’s second biggest military spender with an outlay of $166 billion.”

That is the height of China’s hypocrisy and shamelessness!

They can spend big on their military, but the others cannot! Wow, such a bunch of arrogant freaks!

Do they own the world? I do not think so!

If they have the right to tell another country on how that nation should conduct its affairs, does it also means that Japan too, can tell them to get out of the Senkaku Islands?

Can Japan too, tell China to stop the implementation of the so-called One-Child Policy and the utterly stupid One-dog policy?

I cannot understand, and I will never ever understand, the mentality of these Chinese military war-freaks!

They are the ultimate masters of Double Speak and Double Talk.

One moment, they will speak and talk like they are doves, yet their action is undeniably that of a hawk, worst than that of selfish wolves!

Where can you find a country who has a territorial dispute with almost all the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and even India?

That’s the imperialist and bullish China for you!

Consider another perfect example of China’s Double Speak:

According, again, to their military spokesman, Geng, he viewed Japan’s actions “must cause great concern to neighbouring countries in Asia and the international community.”


Now, besides being the ultimate master of Double Speak, Bullyism and Hypocrisy, I never realised that China also is great in paranoia.

They are concerned with Japan’s military build-up and to appear as if they are concerned with global interest (which is not true). They also anchored their unfounded fear and baseless apprehension by correlating their concern with the interest of the region and the world!

When the Philippines was struck by a super Typhoon last month, Japan was one of the first nations to arrive on the scene of the devastation to help the Filipinos, in whatever capacity they could.

China? Well, it took them nearly two weeks before they decided to help and that is after the international community hammered them repeatedly and criticised them harshly!

As pointedly and sharply observed by Victor Robert Lee, “Manila-Beijing-Washington: What the typhoon revealed”, The Diplomat, December 7:

“In the immediate aftermath of the typhoon, whose devastation became more apparent by the hour, the U.S. mobilised an entire aircraft carrier strike force of more than 5,000 sailors, along with five KC-130 aircraft, to provide relief supplies and transport injured victims. Other nations, including Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and Singapore soon followed suit. (Eleven days after the typhoon, following sharp international and domestic criticism, China offered to send a hospital ship and medical personnel).”

That is how “concerned” China is for the Asia-Pacific Region and for the international community!

That Geng is concerned and fearful that Japan’s military build-up will cause apprehensions and fear among Japan’s neighbours and the region is a product of his wild imagination.

No one is afraid, then the question naturally will lead us to ask: why is China concerned? Why are they afraid? What is the root source of their concern, fear and apprehension?

None of Japan’s neighbours are complaining about Tokyo’s action, except who? Yes, China!

Why? It is because they do not want a military competitor. That is the truth! I wonder if China does have the guts to say it frankly and directly without using some ambiguous and cryptic words!

China wants itself to be the only country that is militarily superior, but that cannot be!

The ultimate truth of this whole matter is the irrefutable fact that China is afraid of Japan. They perfectly knew right from the start that Japan is building up and upgrading its military to be uses and utilised solely by the latter as a defence and deterrence against China’s bullyism, expansionism, imperialism and aggression in the region.

For indeed, “tensions between Beijing and Tokyo have flared over the last year as the two have engaged in a bitter war of words over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan.

“China has sent ships and aircraft into the area on scores of occasions, prompting counter deployments by Japan.”

Said tensions between the two countries were further “ratcheted up last month when China abruptly declared a new Air Defence Identification Zone over the East China Sea, including over disputed Tokyo-controlled islands called Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese.”

So far, the US, Japan and their allies have repeatedly “violated” China’s so-called ADIZ.

Recently, the US and China nearly collided in the South China sea which prompted the Defence Secretary of America to tag China as “irresponsible”.

Warning to China

You do not own the world! Do not act as if you can bully all of us! Beware of committing an act that may lead not only to a regional conflict but a world war!

We have nothing to lose, unlike you, you will lose your empire, your bullyism, your aggression, your double speak and all your paranoia.

You have been warned!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega
Philosophy Lecturer
College of Arts and Letters
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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12 replies

  1. Yes, with the words coming from the mouth of Geng Yansheng. China,s military spokesman, it appears these Communist Chinese people are psychopaths. It is China that causes all these troubles in the region: its nine-dash line
    claim in the region’s sea which it can not explain how and why the basis of this claim in the entire sea; the obvious rapid military build up which indicates clearly preparation for war against its neighbors; its lack of respect to the UN where it is also a member by not recognizing the UNCLOS 200 nautical miles from a country’s shore; its ADIZ. etc..

    China wants only the one to prepare militarily and no other nations should do so. It wants to bully this nations with ease and laughing like a insane small child.

    This is what you should do China so you can rid of your paranoia. Stop you unfounded claim based in your unexplained 9-dash line; leave neighboring nations in peace, do not bully them; stop rearming yourself militarily so your neighbors will not do so. Stop your obvious evil threats. Let us live in peace.

    With what you are doing there is a gloom scenario of third world war. We do not want war. Nobody wins. The coming war which you are spawning may cause the extinction of the human race including you. Yes including you.

    China, you are now economically rich. Do not use this wealth to the destruction of humankind. Use this gift from nature to benefit the human race, so we will bow to you and praise you as a good nation and people.


  2. It is you China that start the military build up as a threat to the region. So instead of criticizing Japan’s military build

    up, start talking of disarmament and peace with them. Focus on economic trade and development.

    Let bygone be bygone. Japan already paid more for its own atrocities during world war 11.The US and the

    Philippines were dragged into the war because of the US sympathy to you. Let us forget hatred,

    Let us change hatred and greed into love and generosity. Do no court destruction cause by war. Let us all

    live in peace.


  3. Why are there a bunch of filipino servants commenting and being allowed to post rubbish propaganda? If you hate China so much, why are you reading “China Daily Mail”? Go read the Manilla Whore Mag.


    • Stupid Yin, the Filipino “servants” are much smarter than the stupid “masters” Chinese like you. They are willing to read and try understanding others’ position not like the pirate Chinese like you just whining and stealing as well as bullying and robbing others since their stuffs “belong to pirate chinese since ancient times” and “it is hurt pirate chinese feeling” when the pirates could not get back.


  4. I for one do not hate China. I do not hate anybody regardless of nationality. Just look on the real issues and your eyes will be opened,.



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