Government reforms making Chinese society dangerous

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

As a Chinese person, I support the reforms taken by President Xi Jinping. He has planned to suppress corruption, which is the core of his reform. In addition, to consolidate the stand of China in the world, he is trying to make the Chinese government have strong attitudes towards other countries, especially Japan and Southeast Asia. It is quite suitable for the current situation in and out of China. However, I reckon that his measures can’t match with the demands from the ordinary person. His government overestimates the strength of China and still know the global situation ambiguously.

Mr Xi’s action is to attack corruption among civil servants, and the appeal against extravagance is also aimed at government officials. This is because the government is known to be a common source of extravagance and corruption in China. However, the most apparent result of his policy is not the same as the expected one – that the government servants will spend little on their own personal demands. The fact is the welfare which should be given to the ordinary person is cancelled. Many employees in organisations can’t earn enough salary and get no bonus, which used to be given annually. And for the necessary cost on the safety devices, the government cut off the supply on finance in order to respond to Xi’s policy. After several month’s action, most Chinese complain that their living standard is going down. I asked many white-collars in Beijing and other cities, it is shocking that all of them have no faith in China’s future. They considered that in the next 5 years, their living environment wouldn’t be improved, even worsened. They just thought the China Dream is a joke.

As for the price of commercial goods in China, the steps of soaring have never stagnated. The government and those media without conscience claim the inflation rate of China is the lowest in the world, and the CPI is also the lowest.No Chinese people believe in the propaganda of government any more. Though sometimes government promises to raise people’s income, the rate of the raise of income is beaten by the rise in prices. According to reliable information from community organisations in China, the price of daily-needed goods will rise over 30% in 2014-15, while the improvement of income will be lower than the GDP growth rate of 7%. It indicates that the cost and the pressure of living in China will keep on increasing dramatically. Recently, there have been many car explosion cases in south China. And many campaigns fighting against government have caused numerous casualties in police and government.

I strongly advise our government to place stress on these problems in the people. The policy against corruption now makes the ordinary person the largest victim. Based on the trend of the complaints among people, we can’t rule out that there will be more violence campaigns against government on a large scale in the next few years. It is the source of political crisis of the ruling party.

As for the strong attitude against western countries, it is rather dangerous for China in foreign issues and for their global status. The Chinese government underestimates the power of Japan first of all. Maybe Chinese focus is more on GDP, but GDP in China is just a false number, while Japan is using GNP to calculate their fortune and industry. According to global industry production, Japan is the most powerful country with a GNP over $15 trillion. The ignorance of Chinese military officers is that they may not know that more than half of the radar in the Chinese army is produced by Japanese companies.

The steel materials are also refined by the technology introduced from Japan. But most Chinese have no idea about those facts. What’s more, the actual power of western countries is that they control the resources of industry. And China is just located in the weakest part of this chain. We can imagine that if one day western countries block China for several decades, according to Chinese experts, western countries will lose large quantities of profits. It is true, but at the same time China will lost all the necessary technology to assist the country out of poverty. If so, China will be impoverished immediately and lose most of the industry basis established in recent years. And the space issues of China will be merely dreams. In other words, the Chinese government only see that blockage from western countries will make them earn less, but never see that the blockage is devastating to China.

I believe that Xi’s policy is just to turn China from the cliff. But the government officials consider little of the actual situation of China. Thus, it is likely to be chaos in China in 2014. If the government report little about the chaos like before, China will still seem to be peaceful. However, even though without public media information, most ordinary Chinese have learnt a lot about the chaos in China.

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