The truth must be told: China is the Nazi Germany of the contemporary world order

Xi Jinping and Adolf Hitler

Xi Jinping and Adolf Hitler

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

I refer to Keith Bradsher of the New York Times, “Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China”, February 4 concerning its unabated and continuing aggression on the Asia Pacific region.

To quote from the said article:

“President Benigno S. Aquino III called on Tuesday for nations around the world to do more to support the Philippines in resisting China’s assertive claims to the seas near his country, drawing a comparison to the West’s failure to support Czechoslovakia against Hitler’s demands for Czech land in 1938.

“Like Czechoslovakia, the Philippines faces demands to surrender territory piecemeal to a much stronger foreign power and needs more robust foreign support for the rule of international law if it is to resist, President Aquino said in a 90-minute interview in the wood-paneled music room of the presidential palace.”

I wholly concur with the contention of the Philippine president that:

“If we say yes to something we believe is wrong now, what guarantee is there that the wrong will not be further exacerbated down the line?

“At what point do you say, ‘Enough is enough?’ Well, the world has to say it — remember that the Sudetenland was given in an attempt to appease Hitler to prevent World War II.”

Last month, it was the Japanese Prime Minister that caused a stir in Davos, Switzerland when Mr. Abe delivered a strong speech against militarism and aggression in the region, albeit without naming China.

Hence, I joined the call of Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the Philippine President Aquino on their respective call to the international community to join ranks and unite as one to stand up against a bullish and aggressive China.

The world as a whole must show their togetherness and bond to counter China’s imperialist designs and evil expansionist manoeuvres in the Asia-Pacific region.

The act of not acting or worse, just allowing this bully and do nothing, would undeniably be costly and disastrous for the people of the said region and to humanity in general.

I am one of the few voices from the vast wilderness of humanity that consistently and persistently calls the attention, again and again, of the world in repeatedly and patiently warning them of the naked aggression that is habitually and feloniously being committed by shameless China, and the grave danger posed by this imperialist and arrogant giant.

I am inviting once again the attention of the reader to check on the following articles and commentaries that I have written concerning this pestering regional and raging universal issue:

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It is on this great sense that I welcomed the categorical speech and brave call by the Japanese Prime Minister, in Davos.

As reported by Angus MacKinnon of AFP, “Japan tells world to stand up to China or face consequences”, January 23:

“In a landmark speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued what amounted to an appeal for international support in a potentially explosive dispute with its superpower neighbour over islands in the East China Sea.”

To quote some portions of the said explosive address:

“We must restrain military expansion in Asia … which otherwise could go unchecked…

“If peace and stability were shaken in Asia, the knock-on effect for the entire world would be enormous…

“The dividend of growth in Asia must not be wasted on military expansion.”

On behalf of humanity, I will not mince my words, but the truth must be told, no matter how inconveniently and uncomfortable it is: China without a doubt is not merely acting as the Nazi Germany of the contemporary world order, but they are even worse than Hitler!

Consider the words of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei:

“The disputes in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines mainly stem from the Philippines’ illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha islands. The fact is crystal clear. Our two countries also have disputes over the delineation of maritime boundaries. China firmly opposes the Philippines’ occupation of China’s islands and reefs. As an unwavering upholder of international justice, China made huge sacrifice and indelible historical contribution to the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War. It is inconceivable and unreasonable to place China-Philippines South China Sea disputes in the same category with the WWII history. The Chinese side is shocked at and dissatisfied with the remarks from the Philippine side.”


So, the Chinese are accusing Manila of illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of their so-called Nansha islands.

The thing is: the ones that they are accusing have referred the claim to an international court. How come those idiots, who claimed that they are “upholder of international justice” are not recognising the jurisdiction of the said international court?

They claimed that they are shocked and dissatisfied with the remarks from the side of the “illegal occupants”, yet I am wondering how come they are not shocked (does it mean that they are satisfied?) to their action of illegally occupying the Scarborough Shoal which is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Philippines by virtue of the undeniable fact that it is within its exclusive economic zone?

After the Philippine President’s interview to the New York Times, the Chinese, specifically the Xinhua News Agency commentator Ming Jinwei called Aquino “an amateurish politician who was ignorant both of history and reality.”

This so-called commentator even added that: Aquino “has never been a great candidate for a wise statesman in the region.”


This is the height of argumentum ad hominem. The Chinese, instead of responding reasonably to the issue, have resorted to mudslinging and slanderous character assassination.

This is a shame!

How could Aquino be ignorant of history when in fact he knew the Sudetenland incident?

How could Aquino be ignorant when he has critically drawn a historical parallelism with regard to the status of Nazi Germany then to that of the emerging aggressiveness of a bullish China now?

On the question of being a wise statesman

I do not know what is the definition of the Chinese of a wise statesman? Does it make a statesman wise if he or she will not talk back and fight China?

If that is their definition, in my view that is not being wise, but being a slave, a political prostitute and a puppet! That so-called ‘statesman’ is not worthy to be called as such but someone who worthy of nothing!

Shame on that so-called statesman and shame on his or her patron!

Ellen Tordesillas reported that: Aquino Friday responded to the Xin Hua commentator by thanking him in Filipino for “reaffirming the validity of our position.”

Needless to state, I completely concur with Mr. Aquino’s addition that: “There is a saying that if you can’t answer the issue, you resort to name-calling.”

Warning to China

May we remind you too, that we also fought Hitler and his counterpart on this part of the world, which is no other than the Japanese Imperial Army.

While the Japanese just rolled on your country, we gave them hell here on our land.

Don’t dare us, don’t bully us and don’t even provoke us! We may be small, but we do have the guts and the courage to stand up and fight a bully like you, that has been shown and exhibited many times.

May I remind you that during World War II, your country was ravaged by Japan, yet my country had never surrendered to those barbaric Japs. We fought them from day one up to the end of the war.

In fact, because of the bravery and heroism of the Filipinos, we in a sense saved Australia and New Zealand from the Japanese advance.That gave MacArthur time to regroup and organise his army.

By your evil acts and greedy deeds, you are acting like the new Nazi Germany and the then militaristic Japan; well, we don’t give a damn about that! We stood up and fought fiercely against the Japanese Imperial Army; if it is necessary, we are prepare to stand up and fight you too – to the death!

Don’t forget that we are the first country in Asia to overthrow a foreign power and declare a republic!

During World War II, we stood and fought the Japanese Imperial Army from day one up to the end!

We fought a dictator for more than two decades and had two revolutions. In fact, when your people tried to copy our own 1986 revolution in 1988 at Tiannamen Square, your government viciously cracked down on the people and the students who led the same!

Hence, do not take us lightly, in the same vein that we are not taking you for granted, too.

We may be small, yet we are capable of inflicting damage to you too! You may be the Dark Lord Sauron of this region and you may have a lot of Orcs with you, yet our people have the persistence and patience of Frodo and Sam, the wisdom of Gandalf and the courage of Aragorn.

Do not take us lightly, because you cannot push us around!

As a Filipino writer puts it so succinctly, Jose Ma. Montelibano, Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 13, 2012: “China may risk killing some of us but it will find too costly to kill millions of us”.

Lastly, I am not threatening you, but warning you that we have our history of courage and greatness, too.

Hence, I implore China to learn from history: do not ever forget the lessons of the Battle of Thermopylae.

It is always the case that the tiniest of the dust often cause the greatest irritation and discomfort to the biggest bloody eyes! Again, we are also warning you!

Finally, if the international community will not unite and bond together to contain this aggressive bully, then the whole of the Asia Pacific region will become a Red Sea and from there, the Chinese will invade the entire globe!


If not, then Seumas Milne’s grim prophecy may come true. Writing for the Guardian on January 8, 2014, “First world war: an imperial bloodbath that’s a warning, not a noble cause”:

“For the rest of us, this year’s anniversary should be a reminder that empire in all its forms, militarism and national chauvinism lead to bloodshed and disaster. It also contains a warning about the threat from the rise and fall of great powers. China is no imperial Germany, but the US – allied with Japan – is a declining global power in a region in which it is tightening its military grip. It’s not 1914, but the dangers are clear.”


Jose Mario Dolor De Vega
Philosophy lecturer
College of Arts and Letters
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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  2. China represents the opportunity and the hope for the world, not a threat. – Shimon Peres. Jerusalem. 19 dec 2013


  3. For me it seems that not China – but some other elements in this region are extreme and aggressive.. China has the same right to exist as all other nations and should not be discriminated just because they are economically successful and self-confident. Many countries have border issues and special in case of Japan and Mr. Abe you can clearly see a nationalistic / aggressive approach. We all should be cautious and not finger point to one Nation alone when the real danger comes from a looser of WWII who is claiming what they rightfully lost or never owned from countries as South Korea, China, Russia….



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