Man jumps into tiger enclosure in China and asks to be eaten

Man in tiger compound at Chengdu Zoo

Man in tiger compound at Chengdu Zoo

On February 16, horrified onlookers watched as a Chinese man jumped into a bengal tiger enclosure at Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, south-west China.

The man taunted the two tigers for twenty minutes, offering his flesh to them and asking to be eaten.

Despite desperate attempts to enrage the animals, 27-year-old Yang Jinhai escaped with only minor cuts and scratches after one of the tigers dragged him by the back of his clothes. According to onlookers, the other tiger ran away from the commotion as soon as Jinhai jumped into the pen.

Zoo keepers were able to rescue Jinhai after tranquillising the tiger that dragged him. Once questioned by staff, the man said he felt sad for the caged beasts as they were unable to hunt naturally for food. He wanted to improve their conditions by offering himself to them as game.

According to family members, Jinhai had been suffering from depression for quite some time. After his actions at the zoo, he was admitted to a local institution where hopefully he will receive the treatment and support he needs.

Source: RocketNews24 – “Man jumps into tiger enclosure in China and asks to be eaten”

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  1. Tiger must have taste, idiot is not on his menu.


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  3. Never got enough attention as a child !


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    its a shame people have to do drastic things in order to recive the basic help which is non given



  1. Man trying to commit suicide-by-tiger in China fails to be eaten – Radio Unpronounceable

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