A Chinese blogger’s view: China is too sensitive about other countries’ actions

Chinese passengers vent anger over delayed international flight

Chinese passengers vent anger over delayed international flight

For many years, the Chinese government has been unstable about its diplomatic direction. A slight change from another country will make a huge difference about the attitude of the Chinese government toward that country.

The same  slight action will also cause huge movement amongst the Chinese people and politicians. Thus, though many years have passed, China has no allies, not even Pakistan and North Korea.

Apart from that, the Chinese have no clear about who are our enemies or who are our friends. Seeing the tiny action of another country, we think that country is our friend.

However, just as quickly, it becomes our enemy. Generally speaking, other countries’ actions have led China into confusion and even a mess of diplomatic ideas.

It is the sensitiveness of the Chinese government that causes us to be trapped, but our government is ill-informed about the latest situations of technological, economic or politic patterns. They’re overly-sensitive when guessing other countries’ actions, but pitifully, they are wrong most of the time because of the vacant and arrogant national psychology.

For example, the Japanese navy sent their troops to search for MH370 several days ago. Most Chinese and even our government guessed that the Japanese government wanted to repair the diplomatic relationship between Japan and China, as most passengers on the plane were Chinese. This guess is really amusing. The action of the Japanese military is just a sign of practicing global humanity.

The Chinese government and the ordinary people are very quick to speculate others’ ideas subjectively. Their thinking mode has a huge gap with that of other countries. Therefore, our abnormal thinking form makes us always wrong on judging the situation. Without correct and objective perspective on current situations, China has been ruined many times by wrong policies. Also because of the over sensitivity to other countries, a small external effect will cause a considerable mess in China’s internal policies.

Chinese are really paranoid about other countries’ judgements, and the Chinese government always wants to declare its advantages, which is the core of the sensitiveness and also the major cause of China’s tragedy. This mental defect gives rival countries good opportunities to make chaos in China, without any possibility of the chaos being prevented by the Chinese government. No one could stand still with allure in front.

Though Chinese statesmen have announced many times that the government and people should stay calm about other countries’ praise, unlimited self-boasting by China is spreading in a horrible way among the ordinary people. Meanwhile, western media gives many contradictory reports about the strength of China. The Chinese really focus on different types of ranks, such as QS University Rank, Fortune 500, Forbes 400, and others. The ranks become the only conductor of the direction Chinese believe they should go follow.

People use QS as the standard of education, Fortune 500 and Forbes 400 as the ruler of economic power and so on. However, when powerful western media reports other facts which are opposite to China’s positions on the ranks, the perception on China’s current condition among the people and government can be soon locked into confusion.

Some nationalists will rebuke westerners, claiming they make evil attacks on China, but they still have no objective ideas on the situation. For my part, western powers are just taking advantage of the natural deficiency of the Chinese, to stir up the Chinese government and the Chinese public. Nevertheless, even though they know what is happening, the Chinese have no way to defend against this strategy.

China will be still living with such a mental disadvantage for a long time to come. The use of this defect will have a tremendous cost of the strength of the country. For many years, the Chinese government has advocated the public to have great-power mentality, but this mentality is turned into a hyper-hysteria for other countries to also recognise that China is a large and powerful country.

In other words, the Chinese are overly sensitive about whether other countries think China is really a power. Of course, no matter about economic or military strength, China is not a powerful country but merely a big country. Consequently, I’d rather say the sensitiveness of China is a sign of hyper-inferiority, in the contrast to those who think this sensitiveness is great-power mentality or national confidence. The self-deception of the Chinese should stop, and stop immediately.

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