Mass protests in Taiwan explode into Executive Parliament: Has “Asian Spring” begun?

Taiwan Student Protest

Taiwan Student Protest

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Hundreds of students bypassed the barbed wire and fences surrounding the Executive Yuan building and seized control of yet another crucial arm of the Taiwanese government. Following president Ma’s unsavoury answer – “Students, stop this illegal sit-in so we can finish our review!” – to the week long student protests during which they seized control of the Legislative Parliament, the “Sunflower Movement” has struck again.

“Reject the cross-strait Service Trade Agreement!” the gathering protesters outside the Executive Parliament cried. Shield toting police clashed in a melee but were greatly outnumbered. So far, the Taiwanese government has exercised great caution in dealing with the protesters, most likely in hopes of not inciting even greater public support for what is happening.  The only injured so far were a few protesters who fainted, and injuries from broken glass.

The students made their point clear as they took command of the building. “Tonight we are in the Executive Yuan.  Tomorrow we will go to other government agencies to voice our concerns,” they shouted. These are unprecedented events in the very mild and peaceful country of Taiwan. Is this the beginning of an Asian version of the “Arab Spring” as was witnessed in 2010?

Eventually the police were able to retake the building, however the Legislative Parliament is still occupied by students. The following morning, police blasted protesters on the street with water hoses. Stay tuned to see how things develop next!  The entire world seems to be catching fire, with revolutionary protests sparking everywhere.

Taiwan Student Protest

Taiwan Student Protest

This time, it doesn’t seem to be confined to just one region, as it did back in 2010. We see Spain going hot as well with massive riots in Madrid. Crimea joining Russia, and the Ukraine being absorbed into the E.U. with their new Neo-Nazi government (I’m not joking, look it up!) are two more situations. Is this the beginning of the prophesied “Great Confusion” that will envelop the whole world and bring mankind to its knees in order to accept a One-World Government?

If Taiwan was the only country having a revolution like this, I wouldn’t think so much into it, but when you have countless other governments being overthrown and the entire world map being re-written, it begs the question: Is there an agenda behind all this that is deeper than just Taiwan?

We are going to see the events play out from the Book of Revelation in a very fast action-packed way. My personal sincere hope is that people will educate themselves about the big picture before being carried away with whatever hype is going on around them. Airplanes being hijacked make great mystery stories, but that is also a major distraction. Let’s not forget who runs the world and who benefits from a World Government.

But getting back to the protests here, I find it quite moving and stirring to see the passion in the youth, as well as their fathers and grandfathers supporting them to “take back their country.” Taiwanese chanting that their government should be afraid of them and not the other way around is something that should cause lackadaisical, self-satisfied individuals in privileged countries to take notice. Do you see Americans saying that? Isn’t that the way the original U.S. founding fathers said it? So while I hesitate at passing judgement as to what exactly is going on, I still feel in my heart a deep pride for men and women who love their country and who love freedom. The lines are being drawn – what are you fighting for?

Taiwan Student Protest

Taiwan Student Protest

Taiwan Student Protest

Taiwan Student Protest

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