Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 31

Prelude To Conflict

Prelude To Conflict

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

The Hidden Agenda of President Ma’s ‘Economics First, Politics Later’ Cross-Strait Policy

Explanation of why Ma is so dangerous.

Foundation to file lawsuits over crackdown

The unspoken legal argument in the plaintiff’s favor is that the students were protecting Taiwan and the United States from alleged Chinese spies and saboteurs who had infiltrated the Taiwan Executive branch, namely Ma and the entire cabinet.

Wang Cho-Chiun: Police Responsible for Law Enforcement

Read and take note of the mentality behind this statement. For example, claiming that [KMT-appointed] police must remain impartial to political parties contradicts the fact that President Ma imprisoned Taiwan’s previous President, of the DPP-opposition party, for breaking a rule of thumb law that does not exist on paper, without offering him treatment for cancer. This type of blatant self-contradiction indicates a way of thinking heavily influenced by Beijing, suggesting that communication between the KMT and Beijing may go beyond public knowledge.

Manila to take PRC to The Hague

China is taken to an international court, refuses to attend.

Jiang defends eviction, rejects demands

Jiang’s refusal to negotiate indicates more Beijing-style thinking, indicating where his loyalties and frequent fraternizing may lay.

China’s Defense Budget is Going Up? Who Cares?

Taiwan’s Apache helicopters could defeat two PLA divisions: Kanwa

Timing is interesting. Why would this analysis be relevant unless someone thought the likelihood of a Chinese invasion were elevated?

Hyper-slanted article from


Beijing’s urbanization plan may offer opportunities for Taiwan

Taiwanese protesters lack understanding of trade-in-services pact

One-sided opinion favoring Beijing-style propaganda, it is clear that someone in the press is building a case for China to have an excuse to invade Taiwan, by doubting Taiwan’s democracy and touting China as an alleged “economic-political messiah” though, certifiably, China’s batting average is zero.

Lee urges Ma, Wang to initiate dialogue with protest leaders

If Ma is so unwilling to listen to his own people, it indicates that he is too busy on the phone, listening to Beijing.

Obama is about to kill a very big part of the Navy

Removal of Tomahawk missiles.

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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