China claims to be building space warfare force with combat capability

US aerospaceplane X-37B

US aerospaceplane X-37B

The following is translated from Chinese state owned media:

Zhuang Fenggan, China’s aeronautics authority, disclosed that China has always been conducting research and development of aerospaceplanes, which is the most important platform for space weapons. China’s mystic space warfare force will gradually be known to the public.

An aerospaceplane is a vehicle that can fly in both air and space, characterised by high speed, manoeuvrability, undetectability and long range. Moreover, Mr. Zhuang says China’s aerospaceplane will be one of the best in the world in terms of shape, functions and performance.

China began research and development of the aerospaceplane in 2000 in response to the US decision on development of a missile defence system referred to as “New Space War.” Over the past few years, China has invested a great deal of financial and human resources in such research and development.

China is advanced in high-energy laser technology. It is able to shoot laser beam from its space base to blind enemy low-orbit satellites. What makes the US feel threatened is China’s recent launch of a satellite with a robotic arm to capture enemy satellites. That will be a much better way than destroying an enemy satellite as it does not generate space rubbish.

Source: “China is building up a mystic space force with combat capability that shocks the West” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)


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  2. If toys made in China break after a few days, what chance this hyped-up space weapon? 😉



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