Taiwan’s KMT party exhibits pre-Nazi-like behaviour

Mitch Yang, spokesman for the 1996 Taiwanese student protest in Los Angeles when China launched a missile during Taiwan’s first Presidential election, has been warning about this sort of thing.

“I see a strong similarity between what Ma is doing and what happened in Germany when Nazis… eventually, gradually, turned the country into a dictatorship,” Yang said. “And Ma has help from China.”

This week, Ben Goren posted a long list of similarities between the Kuomintang (KMT) and Chinese Communist Party. As the comments indicate, he only made one technical error, which he corrected. This list is quite long.

According to reports, Taipei’s city government spent emergency funds on pro-Taiwan-China unification in the form of panda icons for a social media app. The cost was reportedly in the millions. Yet, Taiwan intends to only purchase two of the four retired US Navy hulls offered by Washington.

A recent propaganda article appeared on the KMT website describing the Sunflower Movement supporters as displaying “extreme contempt for others”. The article cited disrespectful artwork aimed at allegedly dishonest Taiwanese government officials. But the article did not mention that the “contempt” was only artistic and only aimed at leaders who have abused power according to numerous reports. This sort of blatantly one-sided slander has not been flaunted by the KMT in recent years, but indicates that a grab for power could be immanent.

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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