China claims its aerospace fighter is able to reach US in one hour

Shenlong Aerospaceplane

Shenlong Aerospaceplane

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent call for the PLA to speed up building an integrated space and air force has reportedly drawn international attention. Chinese media claims that foreign media are giving sensationalising reports on that, though which publications are saying this is not mentioned. They say there is no shortage of bold speculation.

Chinese media also claims that some foreign media have reported that China is testing an aerospaceplane codenamed Shenlong that is able to reach the US in one hour. State media claims it deals a heavy blow at the US if what they report is true.

According to a report the US supposedly recently published, China is testing the Shenlong aerospace fighter that is able to reach the US in one hour. The US report supposedly says that the Shenlong is much smaller than the US X-37B fighter and has been researched for much less time, but it can carry small rockets with surprising power.

There is information that the Fujiang Longxi Bearing (Group) Corp. Ltd conscientiously cooperated with the research institute for the fighter in producing the bearings it needed. For that the institute gave the company a board of inscription and a letter of gratitude.

State media also claims that China has successfully carried out a test flight of Shenlong, but it is too small. Now the space designers are trying to develop an enlarged version of the Shenlong aerospaceplane.

Chinese aerospace equipment experts have held quite a few secret meetings for that, and have begun the work on the design of the large aerospaceplane.

Chinese media claims that Russian media has pointed out that a large aerospaceplane is of great practical value; therefore, China has invested a lot of funds and workforce in the research and development for it and has obtained considerable achievements.

Chinese media did not say where these reports came from, other than saying “foreign media” and “Russian media.”

Source: “China’s Aerospace Fighter Able to Reach US in One Hour Shocks US”


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